Why does the Church want gay marriage to be illegal?

I understand why the Church is against gay marriage, but I don’t see how it would affect the Church. The Church already doesn’t recognize divorce, for instance, so why should it recognize gay marriage? Also, if the Church wants gay marriage to be illegal just because of its innate sinfulness, why doesn’t She push to illegalize condoms and pre-marital sex? Where is the difference here? Is it just a battle of semantics? I think that semantics could be a good or sufficient reason for me, but I’m not entirely convinced other people will accept it as reasonable. I’m personally against gay marriage, so I’m not trying to bash, I just want a better reason than “It’s against my religion”. Also, please don’t use the slippery slope “gay adoptions will hurt children” logic; I am only talking about marriage here (even though I think that could be a problem). Thank you, and God bless you.

Dear friend,

The problem that the Catholic Church has with so-called gay marriage is already contained in this sentence. It is so-called; it is not marriage. Calling it marriage doesn’t make it so. Members of the same sex cannot engage in the marital act. Their bodies are not designed for it. Any attempt that they might make at it has to be an accommodation and not the real thing. It can never be the real thing.

By making so-called gay marriage legal, it supposedly becomes synonymous with the real thing. The marriage of one man and one woman and the offspring they produce have always been THE nuclear cell of human society. It works! Anything that would blur the identity of such a societal nucleus will weaken it and society will suffer as the result.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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