Why does the Creed make no mention of Jesus' ministry on earth?

Why does the creed go straight from Jesus’ birth to his suffering and death with no discussion of his ministry on earth?

The Creed is a profession of faith. It defines certain doctrines that must be believed. The *Catechism of the Catholic Church * says,

26 We begin our profession of faith by saying: “I believe” or “We believe”. Before expounding the Church’s faith, as confessed in the Creed, celebrated in the liturgy and lived in observance of God’s commandments and in prayer, we must first ask what “to believe” means. Faith is man’s response to God, who reveals himself and gives himself to man, at the same time bringing man a superabundant light as he searches for the ultimate meaning of his life.

The discussion of what Jesus did during his public ministry is catechetical.

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