Why Does the Left Hate the Pope?

Consider: He is the leader of a millennia-old religious movement, and the leader of a small nation as well as the spiritual leader of millions, and many more look to him for his views on social issues, politics, and the world at large.

While the Left Wing and Progressive movement in America favor some of his views - the need for social justice for the destitute, the call to assist the dispossessed and refugees and to end racial and ethnic hatred - they will never come to terms with many of his most deeply-held beliefs and pronouncements.

Both he and his predecessors stand firm in their resistance to Communism as demeaning to the dignity of the human spirit. In response, the leaders of the Communis Chinese state have imprisoned his priests and demand that only they can decide who will be the priests allowed to speak or officiate at religious services in an “official” state church. His predecessors have been accused of collaboration with the Nazi regime during WWII.

He calls his priests, all of whom are male, to a life of celibacy. There is a vibrant community of women in the religious orders which look to him for leadership and doctrine, yet there are no women in the upper ranks of his religious hierarchy.

He speaks out against homosexuality as contrary to the laws of nature (writing in his 1996 book “Beyond Dogma” that “A sexual act is deemed proper when the couples use the organs intended for sexual intercourse and nothing else…”), even while demanding compassion for those who practice it and those who suffer from the ravages of HIV/AIDS.

He even condemns sexual acts by heterosexuals that are non-generative (“…proscriptions ban homosexual activity and heterosexual sex through orifices other than the vagina, including masturbation or other sexual activity with the hand…” “A gay couple came to see me, seeking my support and blessing. I had to explain our teachings. Another lady introduced another woman as her wife - astonishing.” "A …friend asked me what harm could there be between consenting adults having oral sex, if they enjoyed it… But the purpose of sex is reproduction…”)

He argues that abortion is not a lifestyle choice for women, but an act of violence and the taking of a human life, which he believes begins prior to birth. "I see women who have had abortions because they thought a child would ruin their lives. A baby seemed unbearable - yet now they are older, they are unable to conceive. I feel so sorry for them.”

Is it any wonder that those who style themselves “Progressives” want nothing to do with the man?


I have to admit that I gave the wrong title to this thread, as it should more properly be titled, “Why DOESN’T the Left hate the Dalai Lama,” as that is who I just described above, and the Dalai Lama is the man who gave the direct quotes above.

While I don’t agree with his religion or theology, the Dalai Lama is obviously a thoughtful, kind, intelligent, and courageous man. Aside from the issues of religious doctrine, he and Pope Benedict XVI have more in common on the social issues described above than they differ. The Dalai Lama shows more flexibility than the Pope on the issue of abortion, and has allowed that it should be permitted in some cases, such as birth deformities. He has also “evolved” a bit on the issue of homosexuality, and has said the traditional Buddhist proscriptions against it only apply to other Buddhists.

Yet among the political left and the progressives, an audience with the Dalai Lama would be more desired than even a cocktail party with President Obama (or maybe even Bono). He is wildly popular in Hollywood and academic circles, the same people which look on our Pope with such disdain.

Why? Because one is a man of the West and the other a man of the East, and thus seen as more “exotic” and trendier?


Easy. The Pope can bring down the American Politics with American Catholics and people who look to him for moral standing.
He is also a political leader of a country that can influence other Catholic Nations (Including Europe and Latin America) to look down upon America.

The Dalia Lama doesn’t have much influence in America though.

America hates anyone powerful than them.

True Story! :smiley:

The left hates the pope because the pope leads the only institution standing in their way. The left is all about furthering abortion rights and the gay agenda; whereas the Catholic Church stands firm, teaching that both abortion and homosexual acts are sinful, evil acts.

I agree with you, but it doesn’t explain why the Left is willing to overlook the similarity in their viewpoints.

The Dalai Lama doesn’t have the hold on the faithful that the Pope does, but don’t overestimate the esteem in which many, especially the young, academics, the spiritually trendy, Hollywood, etc., hold the Dalai Lama, even while overlooking the rigor of the Buddhist moral code.

The Dalai Lama’s latest book, “Beyond Religion” is #7,649 in Amazon Book Sales. Pope Benedict’s far more impressive latest book, “Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week: From the Entrance Into Jerusalem To The Resurrection” trails behind it at # 8,941.

Interestingly, the western translators of the Dalai Lama’s earlier works asked him to excise the sections with his pronouncements on abortion and homosexuality, which he agreed to do.

The Left simply hates anyone who disagrees with the Left.

Because he’s . . .

[wait for it

. . . **RIGHT!!!

I think the answer is very simple.
The Left loves the Dalai Lama because he is embraced by celebrities. :cool:
They hate the Pope because they’re supposed to hold Catholics in contempt, if they stay in line with the general views of Hollywood and most celebrities.
The problem is people not thinking for themselves after investigating issues. It’s easier to just go along with some hottie from Hollywood telling you what to think - there’s no work or effort required for that. If you are going to make up your own mind, you actually have to READ :eek: about this stuff and learn something.

:smiley: Nice one.

I don’t think many on the Left know the Dalai Lama’s positions on these social issues. I know I hadn’t until you mentioned them. They don’t know very much about Buddhism either. More is known about Catholicism in the West (particularly the Americas and Europe) for obvious reasons: there are so many more Catholics than Buddhists in these regions of the world. I think it’s more a matter of familiarity than exotic appeal. And, contrary to the popular saying (in fact based on a psychological study), familiarity breeds contempt. However, it is certainly a sweeping generalization to say the Left hates the Pope. Even liberal Catholics do not really hate the Pope although they do not agree with several of the Church’s policies. I would say there is much admiration for the current Pope in many liberal communities, and even more admiration for his predecessor.

What serious liberal or leftist takes their cue from Hollywood celebrities? I know I don’t and neither do any of my liberal friends.

Well, all the liberals I know are influenced by “popular” media…

Pope Boniface VIII quoted from 1 Cor 2:15 in Unam Sanctam (year 1302):

“the spiritual man judgeth all things: and he himself is judged of no man.”

He wrote this to show that the Pope has unity and power amongst those in the world.

The reason is that the so-called ‘left’ has yet to come to terms with the basis of their criticism of the Pope, which is religion. The ‘left’ in the US embraces many religious ideas, and this makes them susceptible to others.

I agree entirely with the Op about the similarity of attitude between the Dalai Lama and the Pope - and would go further, as it is in living memory that the Dalai lama’s predecessor (or his earlier reincarnations, if you prefer), ruled over a brutal feudalist theocracy.

The answer is for the left to stand firmly on the basis of evidence, and enlightenment principles, and to be deeply suspicious of anyone who argues from a religious basis to advocate laws restricting the freedoms of others.

Because he is a symbol of monarchy,


and true Catholicism.

Three strikes, he’s out.

Lulz :D:p:p:D

Simple. They are diven by their own lusts, They want the Church to conform to their “feel good” doctrine. They want to control religion. How do they do that? By denouncing the Pope and all who follow him as “homophobic nutcases supposedly imposing their sexists views on women by banning abortion” and “religious fanatics who blindly follow a 2,000 year old book.”

Well that 2,000 year old book has a lot of truth in it. In fact, every word in that book is nothing BUT truth. Since the Pope gives the people the truth, they hate him. Why? Because should people hear the truth and accept the truth, they would see just who the crazies and the wolves in sheep’s clothing really are. So they gather some left field “catholics” who care nothing about the faith to spoon-feed THEIR versions of truth down the throats of the ignorant and the unlearned of the faith and poison their minds against the Pope and the Church itself.

And let’s face it. These catholic wolves who ferociously attack our Lord’s sheep would do anything in their power to drive us from the faith. If they have to attend Mass on Sunday or even wear a habit, they will do it. To them, religion is nothing more than a means of popularity and they don’t care about how many souls they hand over to the devil, as long as their lusts are fulfilled, they care nothing of the spiritual murders they commit.

But should one devoted to the faith find the courage in this generation of hedonism speak up and have the gall to reprimand those who are in left-field they will be demonized for it. “Oh, that poor little old nun! She is persecuted so much for support abortion and gay rights by those nasty Catholics since she doesn’t follow the Church.” Pfft!! Please! Never mind the apostles and the saints and the rest of the martyrs who gave their VERY LIVES for Jesus Christ and the Church. No, it’s the poor old lady in the habit who obviously doesn’t understand her vocation and cares nothing for our Lord who is persecuted. Ugh!

So, why does the left hate the Pope? Like I said, They hate the truth and those who stand by it. They assualt anybody who preaches or defends it because even the Left knows the truth will set you free.

Even in a traditionally Catholic country like Austria, the Dalai Lama was named as more trusted than the Pope and other Catholic leaders in a survey of 500 Austrians:


Yet if you were to ask most people, few would be able to tell you much about the Dalai Lama’s teachings or beliefs.

Don’t the American ‘right’ also hate the Pope? I had always assumed that the American right are anti-Catholic- Freemasons, Presbyterians, Jews, wacky Protestants, etc. The Catholics- the Irish and Hispanics- are more traditionally associated with the working class, aren’t they?

There have been more Catholic Democrat Presidents than Republicans ones.

This thread is quite uncharitable and in horrid taste. Stop trying to pin the Church onto the “right-wing” political ideology. She defies politics.

Leftists aren’t stupid, and we don’t hate the truth.

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