Why does the left hate women so much?


“The ideological left demeaned our wombs, mocked the beauty of the lives growing within us, and unleashed a hormonal revolution that further encouraged men to see women as mere sex objects. To add insult to injury, they are now claiming that men who know nothing of our unique physical and emotional selves rooted in our DNA are really just like us. The “pantomime dames,” as Greer called them, grace our magazine covers, advertise our make-up and overtake our sports. Apparently, biological females are not valued enough to even represent other women anymore.”

–Elise Ehrhard

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Speaking of the Soviets, something many may not know is that after its collapse abortions outnumbered live births.

It’s amazing to see how many Marxist genes are found in many modern political groupings and that included Third Wave ‘Feminism’.


Perhaps because it is yet another thing that stands against their homosexual, no-gender, no identity culture that they are aiming for.

It seems ‘liberal’ now. But it’s far easier to control people when little distinguishes them beyond bank balance and what ice-cream flavour they prefer.

Heaven knows what will happen if they find the gene for ice cream preference at that stage (mostly kidding there but semi not really).

The future the left have in mind is a very literal one world order. Where you are free to believe anything as long as it doesn’t go against the agenda of having no defined identity at all.


Women More Likely to Be Democrats, Regardless of Age

2009, so it’s a little dated…

So I guess women are being forced to register dem against their will?


Women are their own worst enemies.


It’s certainly what Christ has in mind for Christians… But at any rate, I don’t see this as being true. I only encounter the idea when I see conservatives describe how they perceive progressives.

I doubt very much that Trudeau wants to join Canada to the U.S… Or anyone else.

Well, that’s the downside of a secular government where all men (and presumably women) are created equal.

You’re free to believe anything you want as long as you don’t try to subject someone else to your beliefs.

As an example, what you want to define as legal marriage shouldn’t be forced upon someone else. And vice-versa.

At least, in a secular government where all are supposedly equal…


I’m going to bow out after this, but I just wanted to say that the blatant sexism here is eye-widening appalling.


I am a woman. I am just sharing what I have observed in my lifetime.


That doesn’t mean you can’t be sexist against women.




Have you seen how feminists go after women who don’t adhere to their orthodoxy? Also, there is also the primordial rivalry instinct.

That isn’t to say there aren’t women in my life that I like. I just feel more at ease and able to enjoy myself around the guys I know.


It goes both ways, conservatives are sometime, only sometimes more dainty in their approach.



I don’t get what you are saying with the conservative thing.


A lot of conservatives will go after women (or anyone really) who doesn’t adhere to their orthodoxy with the exact same vehemence.

I don’t think it has much to do with the ideology in question as much as simply the rotten side of human nature and our tendency to assume the worst of those we disagree with.


Although a lot of liberal (or leftist ) policies actually harm women, I probably wouldn’t assign the motives to “hate”.
Wrongheaded, yes.
But most people on the left really think they’re offering a helping hand.


I suspect a lot of the issue on both sides is that people have difficulty accepting that someone could truly believe certain things.

I’ve talked to a number of people on the left for whom the idea that a fetus could really be fully human just seems…so out there that they can’t accept that other people could really believe it. And that thought in turn disposes people to try to find the “real” or “underlying” reasons for the other side.


Which is why I avoid the terms “stupid” and “crazy”.


I agree that, especially nowadays, people find it hard to believe that those they disagree with might not have nefarious reasons for doing so. Also, I have never heard of conservatives going after just anybody who does not uphold their principils. But, I have heard of conservatives going after other people who claim to be conservative.

I think the case with feminism is a unique case because feminists claim to represent all women. But, they very rarely do, most notably they tend not to represent pro-life women. They would go after a woman not as an unorthodox feminist, but as someone who must agree with them simply on the basis of sex.

Personally, I stay clear of “isms” that center around parts of our being that we didn’t choose like sex and race.


Liberals hate everything. The Left is a hate machine. If God made it then liberals hate it.


I cannot say about woman. But I can say, as a Chinese and formerly Hardcore left, I realize they have an “ideal image” and insist on it (Ie: Chinese must be vegan buddhist. EDIT: by that: anyone that doesn’t fit that mold is to be ignore or educated)


I agree. Wrongheaded, yes, maybe another word is devalue?

Liberals and democrats (and yes, liberal republicans - both of them: :wink:) have historically the party of the people, not necessarily the upper class or the “rich”. This has been a traditional understanding of the democrats. And they still promote themselves as such. It is just that they hide the “hatred” they have for anyone who doesn’t agree with their leftist loving beliefs behind that facade of being for the people, the poor, and the downtrodden. They try to put a happy face on their misogyny. (then again, so do hyenas)

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