Why does the left hate women so much?


I’ve definitely seen it. And I think you get the same thing sometimes too - e.g. a lot of people on the right I’ve seen assume that everyone really knows that a fetus is 100% a human baby and just doesn’t care at all.


I’ve seen it in the media, in social media, and in private conversations. I used to be conservative and I still have family and acquaintances that are and I hear what they say. Some don’t know and others have forgotten that I don’t consider myself conservative so I get an earful. I think that Catholics are the least vicious but they can be harsh.


Such a silly question. The policies of the left and the right speak for themselves. The right isn’t exactly known for championing females.


Ah, yes. “The Left.” Because everyone who isn’t a hardcore, Christian, Trump-supporting conservative thinks exactly the same on every issue.


Thank you. What a constructive contribution to a conversation among your fellow Christians, some of whom may have differing viewpoints on certain issues.


Thanks for this post and quote. I was going to post a la carte without “replying” to any post. But could not figure out how (yet). My one liner was …

Why does the left hate women so much?

Their commitment to equality! One must not hate women any less than the other hated categories.

The left (and not-leftists who enjoy a good hate moment once in awhile) can also add on to those women who are also other things. Which would be all of them.

Currently in vogue to hate-on with impunity (or less pushback) are women who are fat, or smokers, or white, or ethnically reduced to white, or Catholic, or Christian of any stripe, or Jews, or politically other than the preferred politically correct current model.

It is an extreme ideology indeed IMO that equates life-givers with life-takers too. Although, at this point “the left” hasn’t YET abolished Mother’s Day or elevated a time to salute the “brave” people who made the “difficult choice” of abortion to a Mother’s Day level.

But I expect movement in that direction from them. Probably starting with quiet admonitions not to SAY “Mother’s Day” (as this might insensitively hurt someone’s feelings). < Works somewhat with Christmas (politically correct greeting - Happy Holidays, or Winter Break). :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Men too.

And children … come to think of it.

All of them without knowing it at the time for the most part. :sob:


It all depends on where you fall on the victim hierarchy.


Women are their own worst enemies? Does that mean they are not competent to make up there on minds? And does that mean if they disagree with you they are making wrong decisions?


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