Why does the "Pope" attend non Catholic services?

Whether it is Jewish, Hindu, Muslim or Budhist? Is this not heresy?

I don’t believe Ratzinger is Pope nor has there been a Pope since Vatican II

Why do you put the word, “Pope” in quotations?
Do you not believe that he is the Holy Father?

Since we are all children of the same God it makes sense that the pope would attend non-Catholic services. After all, he is a leader and he is simply showing other Catholics that we are all created by the same Creator, no matter what religion we are.

I’m curious as to why you put “Pope” in quotes. Don’t you think he’s the real pope?

I have heard of the Pope attending Jewish services. I don’t recall hearing about his attendance at Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim services – perhaps you could provide some examples.

The Jews, of course, are our ancestors in faith. Jesus was Jewish. So there’s a level of connection between Catholics and Jews.

In general I think that dialog among the world’s religions is a good thing. There are many things we can agree on and promote even with our differences.

I notice that you edited your post while I was answering it.

If you don’t believe that Benedict XVI is really the Pope, then what does it matter to you what he does?

here is some solid evidence for this

The Pope doesn’t worship other gods at the services. So the onus is on you to show why it would be heresy.

About as solid as a sieve…

Isn’t Sedvacantism a banned topic?

Ahhh, I see.
Well, nevermind, then. I don’t debate with sedevacantists. Their lack of faith annoys me.

Good point, but why then should he be present at these false religious meetings?

I suppose he should just convert them with the sword then?

What is your purpose here?


In other words Christ’s promise has failed and the Holy Spirit has failed and the gates of Hell have prevailed against the Church.

But you see…

The real “Pope” is in Canada! :whacky:

To get to know the people of the other faith and what they believe. How can you love and understand others if you don’t get to know them?

I honestly don’t know why the Pope does that. He IS THE POPE though.

However, I am personally just a little scandalized by these big ecumenical gatherings. As a convert I can tell you that if he came to my previous faith community and spoke about how we work together, both pray to the same god, etc, I would have been edified to stay put. Why would I even have needed to convert?

I think most Catholics don’t see it that way because putting aside differences, or just plain ignoring them, and everyone getting along *feels good. *

The ecumenical meetings and services with Orthodox do not scandalize me, btw, because there is real hope for unity with them. My understanding of the point of ecumenism is to CONVERT (nicely) the other faiths to the one true faith. The point is not “bloom where you are planted”.

I did look at some of the Assisi gathering pictures from a while back and was a bit horrified. Still, none of this takes away from him being the Pope.

Well…sorry to hurt your feelings, but if you actually believe that, I think you’re committing heresy.:frowning:

OK, first of all, let’s leave your last comment aside because this forum doesn’t allow debates about sedevacantism.

With regard to your original question, it would be best if you could point out the specific sources for your statement that the Pope attends non-catholic services. You referenced a website that is huge, and it would be nice to know exactly where to look. However, I must point out that the Most Holy Family Monastery is not the most reliable source, as they like to present little segments of information out of context, or make statements that cannot be substantiated, and use that to back up their arguments.

That being said, here are some facts to keep in mind while considering claims such as these. First, participation in non-Catholic services was formerly forbidden by canon law and this was also mentioned by various popes. However, the pope is not a subject of canon law, nor is he bound by disciplinary decrees of prior popes, as all popes share equally in the power of St. Peter.

Divine law, that is, the 1st commandment, prohibits the worship of a false god. However, not all non-Catholic worship is worship of a false god. A protestant service is directed towards the true God, but can not take place of the mass, and is therefore merely a collection of prayers, or hymns or talks or whatever. None of these things are in themselves evil, although they might contain messages that are false. Therefore, the Church might prohibit its members from participation in order to save them from being subjected to falsehoods, but a group of non-Catholics talking to/about God is not an evil that is itself contrary to divine law. The false beliefs of the participants may be contrary, but not the actual act of gathering together to pray. Do you see the difference? Therefore, a pope, who is not subject to ecclesiastical commands, might join them, provided he did say anything actually anti-Catholic.

With regard to non-Christian religions, not all of these are directed toward false, gods, either. Judaism, especially, is not, and remember that the first Christians also participated in Jewish religious functions for a time. Thus, Jewish functions are not necessarily contrary to divine law, either. As far as truly pagan religions go, sometimes they are not really directed toward a false god, but to a fuzzy understanding of the true God. It may be difficult for us to understand how each situation could or could not be a violation of the 1st commandment, but remember that the pope is actually the final authority on the interpretation and application of divine law. Therefore, we are no position to make accusations against him.

I hope this helps with your question.

What better way to reach out to our seperated bretheren, than for our Holy Father to step into their midst?

Did Christ not dine with sinners or ask a ‘fallen woman’ for a drink?

Are we to draw others to us by sitting on our thrones declaring our righteousness?

Friend, pick up and read:

Matthew 9:11-13
Mark 2:15-17
Luke 5:30-32
John 4:4-42
John 8:3-11
Matthew 28:19-20

Why did Jesus eat with sinners, prostitutes, and tax collectors? Why did He allow an adulteress to live, despite the law of Moses? Why did He associate with a Samaritan Woman?
Why did He command us to do the same?:rolleyes:

Why did Paul preach to Gentiles, rather than Jews alone? Why did early Christians ‘baptize’ pagan temples? Why did they enter in the first place? Why did St Francis associate with the unclean?:confused:

Oh, I guess Jesus wasn’t the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. I guess Paul wasn’t really chosen by God to preach to the Gentiles. :eek:

I guess when I pray at abortion clinics, I’m participating in the abortions.
I guess when I pray outside of strip clubs and “adult book stores,” I’m participating in lust and fornication.


Get real.

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