Why does the SSPX have other religous orders under its wing?

By their own admission, it would appear the Society of St. Pius X has other religious communities under its wing, sspx.org/vocations_index.htm

If the SSPX are just another humble community of religious working “within” the Catholic Church, why would they have Benedictine monks, Discalced Carmelite nuns, as well as Dominican and Franciscan teaching sisters working exclusively under their auspices, never answerable to the local ordinary?

And is this even permissable under the code of canon law, whether it be the 1917 or 1983 codes?

This is far from just another red herring, to me this appears the have layed the groundwork for a parallel Church.

The “traditionalist” Orders associated with the SSPX are also in a state of schism and excommunication in virtue of “adhering to the schism of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre”, and co.

While the SSPX falsely claim to be in full-communion with the Catholic Church - these Orders illegitimately claim to be genuine.

They can be compared to, say, Anglican Franciscans - with the exception that, the Anglican Franciscans do not possess valid orders if they were ordained with the Anglican Ordinal.

The “traditional” Orders obtained valid orders via Lefebvre and SSPX bishops.

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