Why does the Vatican not do this more often?




I don’t recall the event but the Orthodox Church still has grave reservations about reuniting with Rome under the terms of the Catholic Church. I can’t read – what is it, Greek? or Russian? – title of the video, I don’t even know what they are doing.

It was done one time more recently, with P. Benedict XVI. The filioque clause was left out of the recitation of the Creed, as I recall. On this occasion, I think Rome was turning over relics of the famous Orthodox saints Cyril and Methodius.


The title translates to Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Union of Brest. Those in the video are Ukrainian Greek Catholics in union with rome. Pope John Paul II is celebrating with them.


It’s probably a lot of work to accomplish.


It’s Ukrainian, and says that it is the Liturgy celebrated for the 400th anniversary of the Union of Brest, whereby Orthodox Christians living in what was then Poland-Lithuania came into communion with Rome, provided they were allowed to keep their own traditions.



Then I would like to revise my previous remarks. I thin the Pope SHOULD celebrate the Eucharist in all the rites of the Church. I bet he does, it’s just not publicized.

I recall seeing Archb. Fulton J. Sheen in the vestments of a different rite of the church.image


AFAIK, that is always these for anything joint with RC& EO.

Also, Brest specifically provided as a term that those coming into communion with Rome would not have he Filioque imposed upon them.



The Extra-Extraordinary Form!

Sheen was bi-ritual. There are images of him offering the Divine Liturgy at the Sheen Museum in Peoria.


If the Creed is prayed in Greek, the filioque is not used and has never been used by the Church.


And in joint EO/RC professions, that is the one that is always used . . .


This is when Bishop Sheen offered a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on the annual pilgrimage in Uniontown, PA. (1950s)


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