Why does this always happen?


Whenever I go to church for Adoration or just simple prayer I begin to cry. Even if I’m just quietly sitting there gazing at the Lord, my eyes turn into the Ganges River. They’re not tears of joy or sadness, its really different. It starts off with an extreme chill going down my back, then I just…:crying: its actually quite embarrassing. and I srsly can find no reason behind it. However, i always feel at peace after. Is this normal? what am I experiencing? i am really confused and it scares me a bit sometimes. :blush:


It’s possible that it is a spiritual gift, the gift of tears, that is of compunction…an invitation by God to pray in atonement for sins…eg, of the world, so long as it’s not just depression. But one must always be humble about spiritual gifts, which only draw their meaning and grace from God. Mystics describe compunction as the first step in genuine spiritual life. Remembering our sins, like Jesus weeping for Jerusalem, tears flow for our own and and others’ sins.

"Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. But the mourning for which [the Lord] promises eternal consolation, dearly beloved, has nothing to do with ordinary worldly distress; for the tears which have their origin in the sorrow common to all mankind do not make anyone blessed…Religious grief mourns for sin, one’s own or another’s; it does not lament because of what happens as a result of God’s justice, but because of what is done by human malice. Indeed, he who does wrong is more to be lamented than he who suffers it, for his wickedness plunges the sinner into punishment, whereas endurance can raise the just man to glory.—From a sermon on the beatitudes by Saint Leo the Great, pope Office of Readings, Saturday, Twenty-Second Week in Ordinary Time

" In some way perhaps the sorrow proceeds from the deep pain it feels at seeing that God is offended and little esteemed in this world and that many souls are lost . . . Even though it sees that God’s mercy is great—for however wicked their lives, these [souls] can make amends and be saved—it fears that many are being condemned.
. . . The pain suffered in this state . . . breaks and grinds the soul into pieces, without the soul’s striving for it or even at times wanting it.
. . . If a soul with so little charity [6] when compared to Christ’s . . . felt this torment to be so unbearable, what must have been the feeling of our Lord Jesus Christ? And what kind of life must He have suffered since all things were present to Him and He was always witnessing the serious offenses committed against His Father? . . . But I consider it so difficult to see the many offenses committed so continually against His Majesty and the many souls going to hell that I believe only one day of that pain would have been sufficient to end many lives; how much more one life, if He had been no more than man. Saint Teresa of Avila in her book—The Interior Castle V:2. 10,11,14


but sometimes i cry fr no reason like once i was listening to the Gospel at Midnight Mass, Christmas Eve on Tv and i just broke down to tears. its just very weird. :shrug:


I don’t know you so can only speak generally :slight_smile:
You may be a very emotional person, or you may be asked by God to pray in atonement for sin in this world, and to repent any sins of your life. Like any gift, if it is a gift, we accept it very humbly because all gift and grace comes from God. Keep this very private if it is a gift…but if it’s that you’re very emotional in nature, please don’t allow any explanation gven in this thread cause you to allow it to develop. In any case, to make reparation to God for sin in this world is a good action.

God bless you,


Thank you so very much.
May the Lord bless You Always.


Lately I’ve been moved to tears or weeping during the consecration or later when the priest raises the Body & Blood together. It seems to be a gift, like Trishie said, as I have no natural inclination or way to feel like that-and I’m not an emotional type. Yet it’s awesome because I’d never sensed the Presence directly like that before but this seems to be as it should be and affirms to me in a way the Churchs’ teaching on the Real Presence.


May the Lord bless you both. :slight_smile:
Thank You Lord for Your graces in our brothers and sisters.
In this darkening world, Your light shines!


Thank you for that, Trishie. God is truly great and worthy to be praised! Now I gotta get some sleep. This daylight savings time stuff’s throwing me all off. Night all.:slight_smile:


What you’re experiecing you don’t understand, but basically, what you’re experiencing is God moving your soul with love and humility; you recoginze you are a sinner and God is thrice-holy; you exalt in Him and are privledged to be in His Prescense; you desire God so much that it hurts. This is God’s grace moving you; it is the grace of silence prayer - indeed, prayer is a grace, just as eternal life is a grace - and just as God gives some graces to some and other graces to others, so too, He gives the grace of silent prayer to only some. Offer your tears for Jesus to Jesus, who Himself wept tears of blood for you.

However, I wish to caution you. Satan can manipulate a person’s body, make emotions well up and burst forth in tears, or in cries, or in groans, or in wails, or in other such actions of strong emotions in order to confuse the soul, and in confusing it, fool it, and in fooling it, conquer it. However, such an attack only happens to souls who have taken part in satanic or occultic practices, unapproved apparitions or supernatural events, or whom have sold themselves to the devil. You can know if emotions come from Satan because they begin with peace but end in fear. Because emotions can be tricky, the Lord warns souls to never trust in emotions. We must trust in Him!


Simple: my cup overflows…


My dear friend

Often we have no certainty why things happen. All things work unto good for those that love God. Just thank God. You can ask the Holy Spirit to teach you why it happens though.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Thank you all very much. Its kinda starting to make sense.


Hi there, Manveersihota. . . quick question: How come you’re going to Catholic Adoration if you’re a Sikh (as listed next to “religion” above by your username)?

Can one be both Sikh and Catholic? Sorry if I’m misunderstanding something. . . ?


My dear friend

I didn’t notice you are Sikh. If you are then consider this as a sign from the Lord. He is giving you a sign that your in the right place and he wants you there.

God bless and peace to you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Manvir is a special case :smiley: He told me his story a while back and it’s quite inspirational. Not to mention a kick up the backside for some of us Christians who can’t find the time to go to Adoration, or pray the Rosary. (Sorry if I’m butting in here) But the way he explained it is that he isn’t a Catholic, but he recognises God in the Catholic faith.


Happens to me sometimes… just after receiving the Precious Body of Our Lord, in Holy Communion. I don’t worry about people around me… what they will think. I just make sure that I always have a fresh tissue in my pocket. :wink:

God bless you.


Dear MarieVeronica

I had a look at the website you promote. A very worthy cause. Abortion hurts the parents and not just the unborn for sure.
If you cry when receiving communion you must really love our Lord. I’m sure he loves you even more.

God bless and peace to you:)


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