Why does United Church of Christ have the same weekly readings as Catholics?


I went to a Christening at the United Church of Christ, and was surprised to hear the same readings as I heard hours earlier in my Catholic Church? I even searched the Vatican site, to make sure that all Catholics were reading the same worldwide, and we were. So why would a protestant church like the UCC pick the same readings as Rome? This was not just an isolated coincidence, since their other week’s readings also match.



As I understand it, many protestant denominations have adopted the Lectionary for use in their worship services. Thus it is not at all unusual for Catholics and Protestants to often hear the same readings on the same Sundays.


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I sure find it interesting. Wonder what happens if one of the readings is from one of the books of the Bible not found in the protestant Bible?


And I thought Catholics didn’t even read the Bible!:wink:


Poll: Catholics: When did you last read the Bible?


Yes, this is one of the seldom-reported effects ignored by those who claim that Paul VI’s reform of the liturgy has produced no benefits.


The same weekly readings???

What’s next? The same sermon topics? Someone oughta be sued for patent and copyright infringement.:smiley:


The Methodist and Lutheran churches also use the lectionary.


Actually, these Protestant churches use the Revised Common Lectionary, which is not quite the same thing as the Catholic lectionary. Frequently the Old Testament readings are different. For one thing, the RCL does not include the deuterocanonical books as far as I know, and it generally moves through OT narratives consecutively, rather than picking them to match the Gospel readings.

The New Testament readings are mostly the same, and I think the Gospels almost always are.

You can see the RCL here.



But they compiled it under the guidance of Popes in 300 A.D.

Note the word popes, implies catholicism :wink:

Hence they read it, and following tradition, they still read it to this day.


Hang on, they follow the Vatican II reforms of the liturgy that was initiated by Bl John XXIII and ended with Paul VI?

Now I’ve seen everything :thumbsup:


Yeah the last Methodist service I attended I’m not sure I could tell the Liturgy of the Word from the Catholic service.

(Except for the * next to Catholic on the creed that pointed to a footnote that said “Catholic means universal.”)



Yea universal, but it was promulgated by the RCC and they still want to maintain it as if it’s some matter of fact thing everyone just happens to know.



Nonsense. There’s no hypocrisy, and no one claims that the lectionary is matter of fact.

The contemporary lectionaries (yes, they are different) used by the various Western liturgical traditions are the result of ecumenical liturgical scholarship. We Protestants are happy to acknowledge that Catholics have played a leading role, but it really has been a collaborative venture.

There is nothing hypocritical about Protestants learning from and imitating Catholicism. Where do you get this bizarre idea?



The hypocrisy is not in learning and imitating Catholic theology or prayers, but rather in doing that and then claiming Catholicism is wrong.

Protestants don’t know where to stand, grab doctrines from Catholicism, make up their own, no proper leadership, interpretation of scripture is purely based on individual understanding (who is to say my interpretation is wrong?)

“Collaborative venture” err yea, sounds like a recipe for a cake.

Cafeteria christianity. Relativism. A recipe for disaster with icing on the top.

“Ecumenical liturgical scholarship” in other words, all doctrines promulgated by the magesterium in Rome is copied, if there is disagreement don’t copy it.

Happy to acknowledge Catholics have played a leading role? What are you trying to say?

The bible was compiled under the guidance of early Popes, all core doctrinal faiths have been the result of the Catholic church, now the liturgical copying. I think it’s a good thing the liturgies are copied, but it’s still hypocritical. Catholicism has played a leading role, so go with a denomination that doesn’t play the leading role :confused:

Just like one living in sin and reprimanding someone else doing the same.


The RCL does include the deuterocanonicals as an option. I just looked up the readings for Oct. 28, 2007, and the reading from Sirach was an option. So it is possible that the readings could be the same in Catholic and Protestant churches even on a Sunday where a deuterocanonical book is used. I would expect, though, that many Protestant churches would choose one of the other options besides a deuterocanonical book.


There were no footnotes in the Creed in the service book at the last Methodist church I went to. I was the same as ours.


I am sorry for posting this, why can’t we edit posts!!

Whilst I disagree with protestanism wholeheartedly, my tone here in the post is despicable and should have portrayed what I wanted to in a more respectable manner.

I was just in a bad moment when I posted this.


Too doggone funny!! ROTFLMBO!! :thumbsup: :smiley:

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