Why does your front loader smell bad?


this article on msnbc, and how to get it fixed
we have had threads on this topic if how to get the mold and smell out of front loading washers, we had the same problem with frigidaire washer purchased in 2002, replaced by mfg under warranty in 2004, new one serviced 3 times until a neighbor took off the front panel and cleaned the lint trap and showed us how


Thanks for posting that. Ewwww!
I have an old top loader (that gets lots of use). I had thought the front loaders sounded good, but not anymore.


Don’t get a front loader… the towels always smell bad… not matter what detergent or softners I’ve used. Never again front loaders!!!:mad:


I have the Whirlpool Duet front loading washer. I love it. No smell, either. I would recommend it. Mine is only 2 yrs. old.

I had a Maytag Neptune front loading machine… one of the first ones out, and it did have an odor. I think with the newer ones, they have solved the problem.


We have an appliance repair guy that we trust - he said that he would NEVER purchase a front-loader… they will always have mold issues just by the nature of the front-door - it requires a tight seal… :shrug:
Plus he said they cost more to repair… :blush:


I sold my front loader for a energy efficient high capacity top loader that was a fraction of the cost. What it uses in water it makes up for in the lower initial cost, lower repair costs. I've noticed no difference in my electric bills.


I had a front loader for 4 years in my old house, and never had a problem. When I moved recently, I bought another front loader. However, I was told to leave the door open slightly when it wasn’t washing to prevent this problem (because it is an air tight seal) and that seems to be the answer because I never had an odor from the old washer.


I remember using front loaders in the dorms at school. Some of them would get super stinky! That makes me pretty hesitant to get a front loader - that and the price!


I have had my front loader for 7 or 8 years now (a Kenmore) and the only time we have a smell problem is when something gets between the drum and the rubber seal, easy to fix, when I wash small stuff I check there and make sure there is nothing there.

Oh, and my towels come out just fine. I don't use a softener (just makes me itch thinking about it) and I only use products that have no dye or scent in them.

BTW, washers in a Dorm are probably very misused and rarely if ever properly cleaned between loads.

Brenda V.


This is exactly what we do, and I’ve had experience with front-loaders since 1993. When we leave the door open (all the time, when not in use), we don’t have any smelly problems. :slight_smile: I don’t use bleach, either. After our house flooded last year, my husband took ours apart himself, and didn’t find any mold anywhere.

I didn’t think the article was very well researched, and definitely not unbiased. :wink: Sounds to me like the journalist had a personal bone to pick.


Hey - is this a trend?.. Those that don’t have mold problems live in the DRY SW part of the country!.. Maybe that’s why! :confused: :shrug:


Hey, I never thought of that. :smiley: Definitely plausible.


[quote="Em_in_FL, post:11, topic:176926"]
Hey - is this a trend?... Those that don't have mold problems live in the DRY SW part of the country!... Maybe that's why! :confused: :shrug:


Not with me... I live next to an ocean. :)


Not me, either. I’m in Michigan. Also, I leave my door open, too.


We have the same for the last 16 months and then kept getting F35 and it would not work…well had to get a new circuit to fix this error… cost $250 …YIKES


I have a Maytag Neptune front loader, and here's what I do. I've never had my washer smell.

I leave the door open after a load (because my mom used to do that even with her top loader). But i discovered that there is a seal just inside the door that holds water because there's nowhere for it to go. So i keep a towel on hand to shove down into that little pool of water in order to wick it up. The next time i go by the washer, i'll pull that little towel out, but i still leave the door open.

Because i leave the door open all the time, the inside light is on. So to solve that one i unplug the washer after i use it.

Hope that helps.


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