Why doesn’t God save all pagans and atheists?


Since God is almighty, logically, God can save all people in under 0.00001 second. Including all spirits in the netherworld and purgatory. Also peoples to be born.
So why doesn’t God save all people by his almighty power?


God has. His sacrifice was for all. But people reject Him and what He offers (including His sacrifice) and He allows them to do so.


God can save all people, but He will not save unless it is desired/asked for by the one in need of salvation.


What makes you think He hasn’t?


Because, there is so many pagans and atheists.


And…? He could save them without telling anyone if He chose to do so


Is that teaching catholic?


He loves them so much they are given the freedom to chose.

He could have made us programmed robots. To what end?


Dunno, but God can do what He likes regardless.

If He chooses to save all atheists and pagans, well what is that to me?


They have to the very last breath to turn to God. He is there waiting to embrace them.


It is always our choice.


This doesn’t mean they won’t be saved before death. It might just be part of their journey home.


The Holy Trinity has given free will to angels and humans. This allows for them to share in the divinity if they freely choose charity. So, salvation is voluntary accepted gift. Logically, The Holy Trinity cannot both grant free will and salvation at the same time to those that will choose to reject the gift.


Yes, maybe the people have to desire the salvation, like some commenters stated.


St. Paul in Philippians 2:13 says that God works in man both to will (by efficacious operating grace) and the accomplish (by efficacious cooperating grace).

Based on Scripture and the teachings of the Church, St. Thomas is clear that man cannot do anything good without moved by God’s efficacious graces.

While St. Thomas says that man turns to God by his own free will, he explains that free-will can only be turn to God, when God turns it.

St. Thomas teaches that God effects everything, the willing and the achievement. S. Th.II/II 4, 4 ad 3:

CCC 1058; The Church prays that no one should be lost: … God “desires all men to be saved” (1 Tim.2:4), and that for Him “all things are possible” (Mt.19:26).

We all should believe God grants to His Church and to the human race what we are praying for by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
God bless


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