Why doesn't baptism make a marked difference?


Obviously we have to participate with the grace of the sacraments but nevertheless shouldn’t there be a marked difference between a child growing up who has been baptised and a child who has not?

This has not been an experience for me.


Perhaps that is because Infant baptism isn’t biblical


Who said that there is no marked difference?
and infant baptism is completely biblical




Sorry sweetie, I forgot for a moment where I was.
Yes its " completely "unambiguous

So there must be another explanation for the gentleman’s observation.


Well have you seen a marked difference? As I said above I haven’t. I have not seen anything rustling distinguish the young Catholic child or teenager from the unbaptised child who had also been taught Christian morality.


do you mind if i say that a few hours later?


Do you mean baptismal regeneration is unbiblical?


Go for it reply whenever you want :slight_smile:


why do you call me sweetie?
why call yourself a ‘mighty’ protestant? and i thought ‘protestants’ dont identify themselves as protestant, but something very specific?
and you didnt know that there was another explanation?
did you read those links? did they convince you? if not, refute it.

(no offence intended anywhere)


Both are biblical

Thank you. i will reply within a few hours.


I have permission to use the computer for some more time, so i will be replying within sometime.


CCC 1266 The Most Holy Trinity gives the baptized sanctifying grace, the grace of justification:

  • enabling them to believe in God, to hope in him, and to love him through the theological virtues;
  • giving them the power to live and act under the prompting of the Holy Spirit through the gifts of the Holy Spirit;
  • allowing them to grow in goodness through the moral virtues

please note it is said, enabling,empowering and allowing.

though sacraments are ex opero operato, fruits require ex opero operantis. this means that baptism will forgive sins always, but fruits stated above will require “disposition.” for children, disposition is usually in turn the result of good parenting and godparenting. so fruits of baptism are attributed to ‘good upbringing.’

and also read from this link.


I have an uncle who has - probably - been rebaptised as a Protestant. He used to be a so-called Bible Christian. He has been divorced once, and has left his current wife and sleeps with a married Methodist minister (woman). Any more wise cracks you wanna make?

Seriously, I do wonder this. I understand part of it to be free will. (Or isn’t that “Biblical”? It certainly is common sense!) But you’d think God’s grace would be stronger…

I don’t doubt the efficacy of God’s grace in baptism - as it is not merely a symbol as some Protestants say, but really does cleanse us and bless us. It’s not merely something Christ commanded us to do, but is something real and effective, not a mere washing in water, as St. Peter said in one of his letters. But I do wonder what the OP does. :confused:


No that’s not what I meant.
But I have shared your observations of no difference between baptised children and unbaptised


Isnt Biblical, or isnt derived from the Bible?

There’s a big difference.

More can be found to support infant Baptism within Sacred Scripture than to refute it.

That said, Im not one to rush the Baptism of my child out of fear for them going to hell. This is NOT the Catholic reason for infant Baptism.


Sorry I misread your name as JACKIE
As far as your other point, protestants are individuals.
I don’t belong to any church, and I share many of the critisisms of protestant churches as I read here.
So when it asks my religion what am I to answer?

I’m not going to get into a biblical debate with you JACKO, I’m yet to meet one Roman Catholic peasant that actually has read the bible.
They tend to run to their priests, or in this case google for an answer.
Then show me what theyve been spoonfed. Then when I disprove it, Get angry at me
you believe what makes you happy
I’ll do the same.
You can get angry with me for saying that if you like and we’ve both saved ourselves a few hours of readin and argument to come to the same end as we would’ve

And the mystery of SIREwan’s observation will have to remain a mystery


I have read the bible, cover to cover :slight_smile: also heard it read out

To be honest while I don’t find arguments for infant baptism particularly clear I do find the biblical arguments for baptismsl regeneration pretty persuasive. And infant baptism naturally comes from that.


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Hi SIrEwni my names Dave nice to meet you.
Now I’ve met one.

This topic interests me because I was baptised pretty much as soon as I was born.
Which I tend to think is a useful tradition more for the law than our salvation.

We had to have a name registered in ye olden days to operate in the world prior to Birth Certificates.
I wonder if anyone gets christened without being baptised as an infant? Or if its the same thing.

Anyhow it interests me because I am 45 and believe that I must repent of sin and for 5 years have tried every which way and it seems the more I try the more impossible it is to achieve. So I figured maybe I have to get baptised as a deliberate personal declaration.And repent of sin. And i can conquer it.

I’ll get back to you with the results if it be god’s will. And perhaps this will solve the mytery


Haha. My intent wasn’t rudeness.
Which I suspect you know.

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