Why Doesn't Donald Trump Drink Diet Coke Orange?

I love me some Donald from reality TV to his presidency…

However aside from my disagreement and disappointment on his views about a few moral points that I am greatly disappointed with him about I am very disappointed he doesn’t drink Diet Coke Orange or Coca-Cola Vanilla Orange.

I mean he’s orange and Diet Coke Orange is his favorite drink but flavored orange the two must be compatible.

Are the Communist of foot are they blocking the President from a delicious soft drink that just happens to be the flavor of a citrus fruit that shares the same hues of his skin and hair color?

Would he gain superpowers if he can consumed such a soft drink?

I would say it’s the Freemasons but regrettably he might be amongst their ranks… Unless he’s a double agent?

Unless he doesn’t like the taste of blood oranges…

Maybe it’s a vampiric plot to control the masses with no Nosferatu blood is Donald Trump a vampire hunter?

We know the Reptilians are vampiric and feed off psychic energy and blood.

Yes I believe the Reptilians are at it again and I need your CAF expertise to get down to the bottom of this conspiracy…

Help me to solve this game of shadows…

Edit: This was a satirical thread that was meant to be funny and fun.

I’m making fun of people making fun of Donald Trump hence it’s satirical.

Maybe I went too far with the orange jokes.

I support and voted for Donald Trump as President of The United States of America.

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This is where we left off but we’ve had a break through since then on the soda lead…

For this I’ll need my partner and my fellow sleuths while I drink a delicious Coca-Cola Vanilla Orange soda…

Oh cool…a thread about our great Pro Life President Trump. Nice to see!

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Yes… We must bring him this great beverage. :+1:

Make America Great Again.

Hoping a praying he would have a change of heart on abortion for children of incest and rape and that he would promote better life saving procedures for children and mother’s in critical complications and the end of same sex marriage.

Also praying for his conversion and the conversion of his family the consecration of America to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Social Kingship of Christ.

As well as the conversion of Russia and all nations and world leaders to the Holy Catholic faith and the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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