Why doesn't God destroy the devil now?


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Because he is God, he can do anything he wants. He can take away all evil and he will, thats what we are promised in the next world. If we are faithfull and obey his word. How does anyone know why God does what he does or when or if he will. He takes away evil many of times. If he chooses. Who are we to question him. If you are one of his you will not question him, you will believe in him. and trust in him. If you arent, you wont. This has been told time after time. GOD GAVE IS FREE WILL. He will not make us do anything, but he also told the devil he also can not take our free will. the bottom line the devil things he is more powerful than God. And God has enough faith in us to trust us to choose him. But the devil will never beat God. Never. God is the almighty the most Powerful. The devil is afraid of God, he fears God, but God has no fear of the devil. God knows that the devil is powerless, thats how the devil tries to get his power by turning us away from God. Thats the only way he can hurt God. But hurting us.


Atesista - can you please expand on your logic for this statement ?
**I simply do not believe in God or that the Bible is God’s word. Therefore I cannot “sin” because to “sin” one must accept that there is a God, who issued specific commandments and to disobey those commandments is “sin”. **

This is a fallacy that presumes that what one believes is shapes what reality is. Do you have any evidence that this logic is rational?

Consider the remote possibility that lack of belief in the face of the scale of the cosmos and the awe of natural order might ought to be worthy of the benefit of the doubt and that an arrogant assumption that “there is no God” becomes sinful and disrespectful.

There is no orthodox theological principal that I know of that says sin is a function of belief. There is a concept called invincible ignorance the mitigates but does not eliminate culpability. But I don’t think that the same concept extends in any stretch of the matter to a condition of invincible arrogance. :wink:



I realize that you’re going to tell me I’ve misinterpreted these passages, but if what you’re saying is true, then why does Paul say in Romans 3:10-12 that no one seeks after God and why does Jesus say in John 3 that man’s natural inclination is to rebel against God, not choose Him?


Because we are all open to original sin, This is not Gods world its the devils. Jesus said himself ( this is not exact scripture) but what Jesus said is This is not my world if it were his world we would have not crucified him. I could get you the scripture if you want me to. But the bottom line is its easy to follow the devil, its fun, its easy, you will fit in. But if you follow Jesus you will be hated like Jesus said if the world hates you remember it hated me first. This world does not want to hear the good, it doesnt want to hear how a husband and wife stayed true for 60 years, it wants to hear the dirt, how he cheated. If this was Gods world it would not be so corrupt. What makes people happy? They dont even know anymore. And we have everything. Everything except GOD. If you have God you dont need anything else.


Actually I don’t want to play your argumentative game anymore Skip. Here is a fresh thread somone started to talk about baptism. If you want to go here and talk about baptism they will be happy to entertain you and your questions and correct your errors in scriptural interpretation. If I see some rational insight that is above mere personal opinion I will engage you there. JUST CLICK ON THE BLUE LINK and you will be transported off to a new world of discovery and much more mature insight into scripture. Fasten your seat belt…
Is Baptism Necessary?



You’re telling me that God trusts our judgement to choose Him, but I’ve just provided you with two passages of scripture where God says that we don’t/can’t choose Him.


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On Romans 3:10-12. What Paul is saying is however much human beings are unfaithful to the pact , this cannot abroogate Gods Promises. the way human beings behave only makes the promises more remarkable.


So is the statement “there is none that seeks God” true or false?


Probably something about the “respect” for our free will. But that is a bogus argument.

The free will defense has been refuted many times, most recently in the Philosophy forum, where both SeekingCatholic (who is Catolic) and myself (an atheist) gave a mathematical proof that God could have creted a world with free will and without sin.

I gave my own answer at the beginning of the thread. God does not obliterate evil for the same reason that the good heroes never “fully” kill the evil opponents in comic strips, because that would be the end of the story. :wink: And the show must go on…


I’m intrigued. What would this world be like?

I gave my own answer at the beginning of the thread. God does not obliterate evil for the same reason that the good heroes never “fully” kill the evil opponents in comic strips, because that would be the end of the story. :wink: And the show must go on…

Interesting how you seem to need to be unserious at regular intervals here. Not sure why that is.


Well this is very interesting because you said God does not obiterate evil… But how can you even answer for God when you dont even believe in him? To say what God does or does not do for what reason would be saying he exists!


Your take on it is as good as mine. It would be a very comfortable world to live in. Maybe the natural problems would still exist, but no rape, no murders, no wars, no embezzlements, etc… would make it quite decent to live there.

I don’t take myself too seriously. :slight_smile: Could be that I am still not fully “grown up”, despite my biological age - which is unfortunately quite advanced.


I use my logic. I believe that God would be a very reasonable, logical, and a decent fellow if he existed.

Hypothetically exists. The concept of God most certainly exists. Whether this concept is correct, is a whole different ballgame.


Well see thats not what this Post is about the Concept of God, this is to help the OP help answer questions about People who believe in him and trust in him. Getting back on track God will destroy the devil, and evil, but IMO it will be when God ends the world. And thats why just like the end of the world only God himself knows the day and the time. But thats how I would answer that question. When the end comes so will the end of evil (the devil) and it could be now. But think about it without the devil the world would be heaven on earth.


I doubt it. It would not be “heaven” on Earth, it would be a vastly improved life here and now. After all we do not experience God directly here and now, and that is what heaven is supposed to be.

But if you are right and it would be heaven on Earth, what is wrong with that?

Imagine the following hypothetical scenario: you know that a bad, evil person wants to tempt your kid to become a drug addict, and you know that he will succeed, if allowed to continue. You have the power to prevent this, but you do not use your power in the name of non-interference with your kid’s free will. The evil person succeeds. How could you live with the result of your non-interference policy?

I know that this analogy is not perfect. No analogy is. The reality is much worse. You may attempt to justify your non-interference with the hope that “maybe” your kid will be able to kick his habit.

But hell is not supposed to be “reversible”. So God’s non-interference carries much more dire consequences for us, than the hypothetical parent’s non-interference with the process of his kid’s drug addiction.


I remember in the bible when Jesus said to Peter after Peter had told Jesus that Jesus should save himself or prevent the suffering Jesus needed to endure to “Back of Devil, your words are not coming from God but from human”.

These words in this statements are coming from human and there for they are not nearing towards the truth… This is attaching oneself to a point which in fact is not a point at all, It is like talking about literature in mathematics course…

What one must remember is that God knows all, and He is all powerful and love what follows is that He knows more then us, and we should submit to his knowledge to gain knowledge, that means we cannot be critical of Him but we cannot be critical on the wrong point.

The question should be Why would man want to get rid of the devil? Would you want to be completely obedient to Gods rule? Would all humans want to be completely obedient to God? If not how would God turn our heads towards him? When we don’t even listen His Church or His people who are telling us all what we are supposed to do but make up excuses for our own bad actions?

Let’s take example of Artificial birth control, how many of us is willing to completely follow Gods rule on this issue? Another issue how many of us is willing to let go their own pride as what comes to i think this way, i want that job i think i am better then you in this?

He already came to earth and did things humans cannot understand and what happened? He got himself killed and his followers killed and ridiculed even up to this day…


You’re not agreeing with me because I never said that. Baptism has nothing to do with it.


You avoided my question. If you were that parent, how could you justify your non-interference policy? Because that is the question the OP presented.

I am not trying to make artifical scenarios to “paint” God in an unfavorite color. It is the assertion of the RCC and Catholics in general, that God could get rid of the devil and he does not do so. The only reasoning they bring up is the “respect” for our freedom.

What kind of “love” is the one which allows the loved one to go a route which leads to the ultimate peril?

No, that is not the question at all.

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