Why Doesn't God Know


There are a whole bunch of reasons why I disagree with God so much
The first one is, why would he make you have to “earn” sex
Why would you have to steal it from a person, as in, why would you have to convince somone your body is worth it
Which is compiled on, How can you make that the way people feel good, having sex, if you personally injecting things that are going to “turn off, sexually” people that you can’t even change
I dont think you can defend God on this

Secondly, how did Jealousy exist before Satan was evil, which in turn is, God was already asking for evil without claiming to before evil was cast into action

Third of all, he had “ranks of order” in angels. That’s discrimination and demeaning of equality. We’re looking at God himself being “not Satan” but, a “devil in theory”, here.

And lastly, why would god decide to make people different, before he had even been a person himself? In conclusion, YOU CANT MAKE GOD GOOD, and you know you’ll only say he’s good during your time here on earth until you die, because you want to go to heaven, but even more grueseome than that, you want to evade a hell.


Are you coming at this from the perspective of an atheist or a misotheist?


Brush up on your Catholic Theology and come back in 3 Months.

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  1. I don’t understand and it is kind of bordering on graphic.
  2. If you are talking about the jealousy of the devil, then that was an abuse of his free will and it was within his power to do so.
  3. The ranks were supernatural in nature and do not have the injustices that result from the inequality here on Earth.
  4. Being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
    Really all your points need a naive outlook to even have any weight.


This. Before raging against something, know what you are raging against and have sound reasons for your irritation.


You’ve got a lot going on here, but the way you are presenting your arguments is a little confusing.

I’ve been married for 25 years and never really had to “earn” sex. Could you explain what you mean by earn? Because it seems like you are putting a sexual relationship on the same level as “earning” a paycheck.

Not sure what needs defended here. Are you saying God should have made it that every woman I walk up to should automatically want to have sex with me? Not really the type of relationship I would want.

Could you explain where we are taught this?

How is placing certain people in charge of certain tasks discrimination?

Don’t know the answer to this question. However, I would say that as a father of 5 life would have been pretty boring if all 5 kids were alike. Picture kid number 5 doing some amazing task, the parent looks at them and says yeah yeah already seen it 4000 times from your older 4 siblings, woo hoo. :roll_eyes:

I guess this would depend on your definition of good. To me God’s goodness is more about Him seeing the whole picture and allowing things to proceed and be overseen by his perfect justice. If you are going to base God’s goodness on what he gives you, that doesn’t really define goodness.

Maybe you could pick one and go a little more in detail so we can try to answer specific concerns you have instead of guessing at the generalizations you posted.

God Bless


Never did I think I had to earn sex. Sex is a gift that when used properly has great benefits.

Who said it did?

No everyone has a different job. That’s diversity! Equality only exist in the eyes of God.

Same reason. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?


I think you need a bigger God.

Add a little mysticism.

Oh and a preincarnate Christ is said by some theologians to have been in the garden. Also note the slain lamb of revelation from the foundation of the world.

As for sex maybe add a healthy dash of acceptance or pagan syncretism.

The idea that relationships are all based on transaction is modernism and worldniness at its finest.

Nobody seems to accept anyone for who they are anymore. It’s all about what they can do for them.

Love is a burden sure but it’s supposed to be a selfless gift.

We are all screwed.


I’m going to answer the last person because they took me the most seriously
(seriously, the rest of you just stepped aside to accuse me of being unimportant or something)

  1. I said Why would he make you have to earn sex, and you said Never did I think I had to earn sex, and I meant that you need to earn sex from a person in order to continue your legacy, to ensure your safety as an adult, and to not miss out on a great feeling that will make you extremely bitter and angry if you miss out on, and I meant that it was painful if you didnt have the type of body that was built naturally to incur sexual feelings in other people, and you missed that because you said Sex is a gift and you mean that not eveyone is deserving of sex and I know that not to be true

  2. I said How did Jealousy exist before Satan was evil and you said Who said it did and I mean that several texts I read say that the reason for Satan becoming evil was jealousy, and I meant that you cannot beat around this or word it differently, and I mean that there is no innocent denomination of jealousy, and I mean that God invented this negative emotion meant to be exploited before his claim that evil tore across the world, and I also meant that God allowed this evil to even fruitify by just designing it in his ideas, while claiming his ideas were pure. I mean that God is guilty for jealousy, in two ways, one for allowing the emotion to exist, and two, for whatever relationship god did not extinguish that caused Satan’s jealousy to get that bad.

  3. When I said “Rank of order was discrimination and demeaning of equality” and you said “No everyone has a different job”, I meant that God was including “greaterness” and “lessthanness” and you referred to it as differentiation, when you know the word rank does NOT refer to differentiation, it refers to greaterthanness and lessthanness, and you meant to sidestep it and make it more innocent than it was, when it was not! Its ther definition of inequality ! You mean rank is greatness of position, say RANK is greatness of position!

4 I said why would god decide to make everyone different and you said “We would be boring if we were all the same”, and I meant that we could all be the same and it would NOT be that negative interpretation of the word “without interest”, and you meant that God would have a negative connotation upon the lack of difference in appearance, and that meant you meant God would be negative on his own! I further mean, that God could do anything, including instilling the nonboringness of a situation! And instead, God chose to have this evolution-sexual-preference causing difference-inclusion, that is a natural reason to hate him for his lack of equality-incurring, that is a result of this!


Ooh, I wonder who comes out on top in this disagreement. :thinking:

(HINT: It’s not you…)


Thank you for your truthful input, I am not thanking you because its doomsday sounding, I am thanking you for not sidestepping me for a lack of words


I just want to love God, and I cannot love him while he has done such terrible things (in a way, only to HALF the world, for only HALF the world to love him, but the WHOLE of hte world to be judged)!


Oh come on, he’s God, he can’t sin!


I wouldn’t call it Jealousy as much as pride.

Some of this is reflected in the fall of man and the relation between the sexes.

Without going full theologically heretical I’ll make a strange comparison that it is a theological fact of Christiantiy that God loves the devil.

Not everything is explicit.

It is good to have some mystery.

I think burden on sexuality and reproduction is more the fault of society and the government propaganda at this point not to mention finance.

No one is having kids anymore. Very few people know what love even is.

It is a hard time to be a hopeless romantic I feel you.


@INP, you are being sarcastic! If God has invented an easily detonatable weapon such as satan and we deal with the reprocussions of Satan , and I mean we are dealing with our looks as a tool for sex, then I mean God is to blame and at fault and guilty for the invention of such a weapon and is accusable for the inevitability of detonation of that weapon!


Satan is an angel God loved. We cannot blame him for his actions any more
than we can blame him when a human sins mortally. I think that, for now at least,
I’ll take the ancient teachings of the Holy Mother Church over yours. Thanks!


@INP you already know that I meant what I meant, and it was that if it exists, God is responsible for it existing, and if he wants accountability for good things as a result of it, he must take ALL results of it in accountability, even the negative effects! I mean that jealousy is a reprocussion of pride!


We’re calling God prideful now, are we? Evil is the absence of good,
and, since you cannot create an absence, God did not create it.


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