Why doesn't God turn people straight?


I mean the entire orientation, not just leaving the “lifestyle”.

If it’s an intrinsic disorder that goes against creation and is abominable, and He desires abundance of life, why not convert people to being straight if they desire to?

What benefit is there to leave people with this mark of disgrace?


Why doesn’t he heal everyone with neurological and physical disorders or diseases? Why does he allow people to have harmful mental disorders? Why doesn’t he take away any temptation, for anyone who wants to avoid sin?

I think that all of these things are the result of our fallen nature and fallen world. God doesn’t instantaneously take away other temptations (at least, not usually), so why would he do this for gay people? It’s a cross, like any other.

On the other hand, it has happened. God occasionally heals those with serious diseases or injuries, occasionally allows people not to be tempted, and very occasionally allows people to shift towards being attracted to the opposite sex. It’s very rare, but it happens.

(Not really sure how being tempted towards homosexuality is a “mark of disgrace”, either, any more than the other things I mentioned.)


Original sin left us all with a lot of disordered desires. But he gave us the moral law to form ourselves in virtue and grace to overcome our disorders.


To do that he would first have to remove our free will. That would destroy us, not save us.


How does turning straight remove free will?


I think what was meant is that having the temptation of homosexual activity is like any other temptation to sin and must not be acted out, just like any other sin, we must use our free will to please the lord and not commit the sin we are tempted with, so it would be the same as removing all temptation to sin, it would remove our free will not to sin or to commit the sin. the lord wants us to choose him over the desires of the flesh but wants it to be our own decision.


Wow, are we not being a little self righteous here? Being gay or homosexual in itself is not a sin or a mark of disgrace. There is only sin or and abomination IF there is sexual activity. And who are we to question God’s creation? Are you suggesting He made a mistake?

There are a multiple reasons that people are transgendered or homosexual. Some are biochemical, genetic and/or environment. I don’t think God created these people for us to classify as abominations or to be ill treated. Frankly I know of enough “heterosexual”, supposedly normal folks, who do more fooling around and live sexually inappropriate lives than I can stand. Maybe it is really time we worried about our own sexual tendencies and less about others. Maybe the real disgrace is all the judgement.


But we judge ourselves and others all the time. Don’t change the subject. What we accept or reject affects the entire society.


We created laws based on human reason and classify people’s behaviors in the process. And God’s Commandments are part of those laws.



An individual turning straight wouldn’t, God making people straight automatically would.


What does this have to do with why God doesn’t usually turn people straight?


That’s the first time I had heard about that organization. Thanks for letting us know! :thumbsup:


Almost word for word what I was going to say, especially the underlined part. :thumbsup: Excellently said.


You didn’t use the word, I’m just shooting in the dark, sorry if I miss, but I assume the
subject is homosexuality? It is against creation and the indulging of it is an abomina‒
tion, not right, against God’s design, but the only reason it exists is the Fall.

If humanity never fell from God’s Grace, we would not get sick, be born
deformed, be born with mental deficiencies, we would not die. Unfortun‒
ately also, some are born (or become during adolescence) homosexual,
it isn’t a choice.

Now bear in mind, BEING gay is by no means a disgrace. Frustrating maybe,
but there is NO SHAME in being a homosexual, as no one chooses to be so.
It’s not a choice, it’s a condition, which sadly leads many to sin, all one can
do is attempt to live more for God.

People have tried converting others, some gay people try to live the lie, cruel
people have tortured with electros and so forth, thinking it MIGHT just do the
trick, but to no avail.

IT HAPPENS, let’s move on, stop trying to change it, and just live with it.


Free will.


Bear in mind we’re all disordered, as a consequence of the presence of sin in this world. Some are inordinately attracted to wealth, fame, knowledge, food or something else that could be called “loved misdirected”, as Dante might have called it. The disorder of desiring another of the same gender is a very public thing these days, greatly-discussed and probably championed disproportionately relative to the actual population of those who feel the compulsion. Very little attention is paid - unfortunately, even within the churches - to pornography and unchaste desires, nor to divorce or obsessions with materialism or ubiquitous fame (social media, for example).

The challenge for the Christian is not to be perfect; the calling, rather, is to seek God despite the affliction with which we are born. Thomas a Kempis was piercingly predictive when he wrote of man’s misery when he fixates on anything other than God, in “The Imitation of Christ” .


Can you expand on that a bit?


Being gay is an almost sure ticket to a lot of misery, loneliness, rejection etc., not sinful in itself, but nothing to be joyful about. It’s more like a curse. So is being adhd. So is being prone to depression and anxiety. So is being cognitively challenged. Why does God choose to not heal someone when they prayerfully and tearfully ask him day after day for years and years? It’s a mystery. God’s ways are far above our ways, you have to go by faith and accept that God’s will, in a majority of cases, is to let the person be crucified/mortified/overwhelmed by his infirmity rather than take it away. Why does God allow evil? To bring about a greater good. My mostly bleak past serves God’s kingdom more than if I had been smart and 100% healthy psychologically. Our earthly happiness and fulfillment is obviously not God’s top priority. Otherwise he would have found a way to let us know it was.


I didn’t change the subject. Being homosexual is not a sin. Extramarital sex is. So why decide they need to be "turned straight.? Are you not saying God made a mistake and now needs to fix it.

Laws are those who can’t live without them and are subject to change. That is except God’s laws. Still you can’t make Faith law. Faith is a choice of free will.


People need to unite their sufferings to the cross. A lot of souls are in need of salvation, and people need their lives turned around, so please make sure that no suffering is wasted! It might seem to us that God doesn’t answer prayers, but sometimes the answer is “no” and other times an even greater evil was prevented by prayers.

People have to have free will. If people changed to straight it would not only remove temptation but it would also start to convince people that “pray the gay away” works and therefore God must exist.

Everyone has a different set of temptations. Some people are tempted by persons of the same sex; most of us are not. How we deal with temptations will not only determine whether or not we get into heaven, but also our place in heaven. People with extra hardships (not just chaste homosexuals but also those with disabilities, extreme poverty, etc.) who deal with them without sinning will have very high places in heaven. God is a just God, even if it seems in this life like the habitual/unrepentant mortal sinners have it better. God gives them what they want and leaves them in their sins. But on the flip side, this life is the only good they’re going to get because they are not living according to God’s will and therefore their souls are incompatible with heaven (i.e. they choose hell, because heaven would be even more painful for them because God is too holy and righteous for them to be around).

Christians are called to an even higher form of love than physical love. We are called to love our neighbors as God loves them. Love the sinner, hate the sin. If someone feels lonely then they need to meet people with common interests, volunteer, etc. Lust and sin are not the answer. Everyone is called to chastity. Maybe it’s “involuntary” for some homosexuals who would really rather act on their inclinations, but there are many straight people who would like to marry but haven’t found someone… even into their old ages. They are lonely but have found good ways to deal with it. Also, being needy is not a good way to begin a relationship. People need to be comfortable in their own skin before they’re ready for a relationship. Too many people date only because they’re lonely and can’t stand the thought of being single… and that attracts the wrong sort of person. Love yourself enough to know that you deserve God’s will for you, and be willing to wait for the right person. From another perspective, we will all be spiritually married to Jesus in the next life, so why not prepare in this live? Many people have consecrated their lives to God.


I never felt like a disgrace and a mistake until I read about Catholic teachings.

When I was Protestant, I just accepted that I have to be celibate and alone for the rest of my life. It was what it was.

But in Catholic teaching, there’s something intrinsically wrong about me. A huge facet of my existence (and yes, it is a significant portion, because it is said people should not be alone, and the opposite gender was created) is upside down and disordered.

Why not turn people straight so that they’re on equal moral playing field? Gay sins are supposedly more evil than straight sins.

Having ADHD does not put you as a worse-class sinner.

There is always hope for a straight person, even if they’re single now. No such thing for gay people.

Saints and pious people offer their suffering to Jesus. Not people with a disordered inclination to grave evil.

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