Why doesn't Michael Voris appear on EWTN?

At the very least, he should appear on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo. Maybe Mr. Voris could appear on The Laura Ingraham Show when Mr. Arroyo is filling in for Ms. Ingraham.

Have you suggested it to them?

Who is Michael Voris?

He has been on the World Over. Can’t remember when, but I do remember seeing him there. dje101 have a look on youtube.

I think Voris is a powerful and bold apologist and defender of the faith. To me, he’s the lay version of Father Corapi, and he’s a breath of fresh air.

One reason why he might not be on EWTN is because he is very critical of Protestantism, so much so that perhaps his vast amount of media work is a bit too brazen for EWTN. EWTN certainly airs a large amount of quality apologetics programs, but none of them seem to possess the level of criticism of non-Catholic beliefs that Voris’ work has.

This is just speculation on my part. There could be a number of other reasons, I’m sure. But if it was because of the criticism, I wouldn’t fault EWTN for not preferring Voris’ work. He certainly doesn’t dip any arrows in honey, and that can repel just as many as it compels to consider Catholicism.

But atleast he’s shooting arrows, many of them also aimed at the corruption inside our Church, and I’m glad he doesn’t dip any of those in honey…that’s been going on for far too long.


Never heard of Michael Voris.

Does he have a Web site?

You have written a perceptive message, in my opinion.

All of us who are striving to serve the Lord are not perfect in every way, and need renewing in the grace of God every day. I am glad that Michael Voris is speaking out for the Church…and I pray that all of his critiques be dipped in the honey of charity! :slight_smile: …except when necessary!

If you haven’t found it yet, here it is:


He explains about it in a short video.

Fr. Corapi and Mother Angelica were at one time the ONLY reasons I watched EWTN regularly with any sort of excitement. Now, my TV is always off, collecting dust. I would like to say that having Michael Voris on the EWTN team would probably make my TV pop on again!

I do see Steve GC’s point, although his warning didn’t happen with me. As I was exploring Catholicism, I was repeatedly drawn to Michael Voris, and his “One True Faith” segments were very helpful. Unfortunately, I am limited to the free programs on his website at the moment because, for most of the time, I am a broke college student and for the rest of the time, I may have money, but that money is used for books so I can succeed as a broke college student.

Of all the Catholic apologists, Michael Voris certainly helped me the most during my conversion, although he was not, of course, my only dose of daily Catholicism. After him was Tim Staples and Fr. Corapi, whose voice for some reason always reminded me of Sean Connery.

I do agree that EWTN having Michael Voris would not be very wise for EWTN. For most, I imagine, softer tones are needed before the words behind the tones are listened to. So, while I personally would enjoy a Voris-EWTN companionship, I can see, like Steve before me, how that may not be exactly prudent.

I actually like his Militancy - for far too long we have turned the other cheek and had Protestants tell US what WE believe. And we’ve been told to be polite and kind and correct them. Has it worked? - hell no!

I view most of his quick youtube roundups - don’t enjoy it when he get’s into US politics (doesn’t interest me) but most of the others are enlightening!

Love that he lets us know what the Holy Father is saying on a regular basis. :thumbsup:

Like other modern day speakers that don’t honor the conventions of ‘political correctness’ Mr Voris becomes an automatic threat to the borderline heretic ‘powers that be’ in the church.

These are the same clergy that want to make us like other denominations. Can’t we all just get along? Years ago they would have left the church and become Protestants but the diminished ranks of the clergy in today’s church have embolden them to an over inflated sense of self importance…

…‘Oh look how enlightened I am, I can give our abortion worshiping Governor Holy Communion knowing he has a live in girlfriend and is currently trying to make marriage a homosexual right’.

www.realcatholictv.com He does apologetics vignettes (and full length videos). He also does a daily Catholic News and the Vortex “Where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed.”

He’s all about exposing the slippage in faith and formation that the Church is immersed in these days.

Voris directly connects the current situation in the Church to the intrusion of Protestant thought, particularly along the line of authority. People can say what they will, but they can’t show me where that’s not 100% accurate.

Michael Voris hits the nail on the head as surely as the sun rises.

I love the analogy that MV is the lay version of Corapi - another favourite of mine.

One of my favs is when MV said that “only Catholics are in Heaven”. :thumbsup: youtube.com/user/RealCatholicTV?blend=1&ob=5#p/search/5/2Dcfj0PU_JQ

They even include the period after the picture of our Holy Father. :eek:

Of course, we can only speculated as to why (and that’s not usually productive). You’d have to ask either him or EWTN (or both).

It might have something to do with his considering democracy an experiment doomed to fail and favoring a dictatorship instead. Or with his suggesting that the ordinary form of the Mass in the Latin Rite is a freemason plot to destroy the Church. I wish I were kidding.

Yes, I did just bring that up again. In every thread about Voris, Catholics should be reminded of the dangerous ideology that he holds to.

Then again, I remember the time EWTN had a guy on who explicitly endorsed torture, so maybe not.

Here’s another favorite Voris quote of mine:

“If you want to completely waste your time, try talking about faith with a committed Protestant.”

That’s not blunt or militant, it’s an offense against charity.




He’ll fall, just as Corapi did (or rather is in the process of doing). They all do eventually. And come the fall, his supporters will be lamenting attacks by “the enemy”, when in fact the enemy is nothing more than the human ego.


To be fair, Fr. Corapi’s ‘fall’ was the result of a specific accusation of misconduct; if not for that he’d still be going pretty strong. At least that’s my understanding. I haven’t watched a lot of Fr. Corapi, so I don’t know if anything he says would seem as wrongheaded to me as what Voris says.

But yeah, it genuinely scares me that many Catholics see no difference between a passionate and uncompromising but charitable defense of Catholicism and what Voris says.

Oh is that where you all get that from. :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t find anything concering Michael Voris in EWTN’s online audio library, so I can’t independently verify whether or not he ever appeared on The World Over.

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