Why doesn't Pope Benedict XVI travel as much as Pope John Paul the Great?


I noticed Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t travel as much as Pope John Paul, the Great.

I would like to see him travel globally. His trips has been limited to the European Continent. I know he plans a trip to the Americas, but man I think he should travel to make a more UNIVERSAL Pope


Maybe because he’s 80 years old and a Bavarian “homeboy”…


Maybe the Pope has a more restricted, and more truly traditional (i.e., patristic) conception of his office than you are accustomed to? That is how I see it, though this may be wishful thinking. But given the Pope’s profound theological understanding and his focus on the Fathers, I think I have reason for my hope.


  1. He’s kinda old…like 80. It makes travel more difficult.

  2. Pope John Paul II traveled more than any previous Pope, so it wouldn’t be fair to Pope Benedict XVI to compare him to his predecessor in this way.

  3. Pope John Paul II was a very personal Pope. He tended to be seen as very charismatic. Pope Benedict XVI is a scholar-Pope. He is also much more resserved than Pope John Paul II. This might have some degree of relevance to the question.


Different strokes for the different popes :wink:




Hi Mannifit,

Maybe he gets airsick?




I would like to see Pope Benedict stay more in Rome and dish out more discipline to the Church worldwide. Pope John Paul II, beloved and saintly as he was (and I do cherish his memory), IMNSHO, didn’t do enough discipline-wise.

If I were his “devil’s advocate” (I’m aware that this official no longer really exists for canonization) during his process, I would point this out emphatically.


He is significantly older than JP2, and has probably been taking a little time to find his feet in the job. Besides which, he’s probably saving it up for WYD in Australia next year :extrahappy:


Wasn’t JP2 relatively young for a pope when he was elected? Only in his mid-late 50’s?

  1. Which is indeed young! Papa Benny is only 7 years younger.


As people pointed out, Pope Benedict is 80 years old. And he’s already traveled to Germany twice, Poland, Spain, and Turkey. In a couple weeks he leaves for Brazil, and is potentially putting a visit to the U.S. on the calendar at the end of the year.

If you compare him to the amount JP2 traveled when he was 80, I’d say they’re right around on par. You can’t expect an 80 year old to compare to a pope’s actions when he was 56.

Also as was mentioned, in midst of JP2’s globetrotting, the Vatican got in a bit of disarray. It seems Pope Benedict is following the biblical advice of “Noticing the log in your own eye” before going to to fix someone else’s.



Hey, LilyM, my 2 oldest girls tell me that they want to save their money and to to the WYD in Austrailia next year. Any chance they can stay with you?:stuck_out_tongue:


I live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, but I do have a luxurious fold-out sofa which they’re welcome to :stuck_out_tongue:


Well he has been invited to come to the UN…I am sure he will not pass that invitation up. Hopefully very soon we will see him here in America.

Benedict XVI is on a different mission for his Papacy than John Paul II…remember that.



I am surprised that he has traveled as much as he has with such an stressfull job. Most 80 year olds have several health problems with out such an large work load. Not that he would have to but has he publicly addimited to any health problems, his amount of energy is amazing.


I’d rather he stays where he is now and ‘reforming’ the Church and too much travelling isn’t good for him. :slight_smile:


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