Why doesn't the church keep the Biblical Feasts?

First to star off, this is sort of like a few questions in one, so I want to apologize for the length. I also should probably state that I am a Catholic, but have always been very interested in Scripture, Church history etc…
Now then, why doesn’t the church keep the biblical feasts? I understand that Easter and Christmas are important because of what they signify, but nowhere in the Bible does it say to keep them. Also, I know that the church calendar is heavily based around the date of easter, but I don’t know how the actual date of easter was figured out, only that it had to do something with Gregory the Great, a la the Gregorian calendar. Also I read somewhere that the Jewish people modified the dates according to rabbinical tradition after 70 when the Second temple was destroyed. Therefore, technically, the feasts in the bible, as I see them are not just Jewish. Even the name “Jew” doesn’t even occur in the Bible until 2 Kings 16:6. Also Leviticus 23:2, God says “these are my feasts”, not necessarily Jewish ones. I don’t know about Easter, but I also know that Christmas was not even that big of a deal in the early development of Christianity and to this day, there is a lot of controversy I get every year from non - Catholics about celebrating Christmas.
Again, sorry for the long worded message but any help would be appreciated!
Thanks and God be with you

The following link should answer your questions about Jewish traditions. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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