Why doesn't the Pope have more "personal appearances"?


Like lets say on Oprah…
or Larry King…


Be more out there …


Being the Visible Head of the Universal Church of Christ I’m sure leaves you with little time to go on TV and talk.


Wouldn’t that be like … going out and teaching all nations?


Kinda like **the way **Jesus had no time :wink:


I wouldn’t say that exactly since Jesus was the one who made time :slight_smile:


YOU try being the leader of the Church of a billion or so Catholics and see how much spare time YOU have on your hands.
How often do you see the Dalai Lama on Opra?


Hmmmm . . . whay aren’t ALL the leaders of the thousands of Protestant denominations “out there” on Oprah, Larry, et al?

HELLO? (tap, tap)
Is this thing on??


Hmmmm, I’m reminded of King Herod’s desire to have a little chat with Jesus. :slight_smile:


Time constraints has already been mentioned. There is also the personality factor. Pope Benedict XVI said not to expect him to be John Paul II. What is important is that he fulfill the papal office in the way he understands God wants him to fulfill the office, not as somebody that he is not.


I am thinking more in line of speaking more definitively on what the church teaches, reason behinds things, plans moving forward etc…etc…

PR stuff I guess…

George Bush is a busy man - we always see/hear him :slight_smile:


As a Catholic, maybe the best answer is that he is not God, he is just the Pope. A man who has faults and cannot be everywhere, so tries to reach the people as best he can by directing and serving the Bishops and Priests. They then act as his hands and mouth to the millions upon millions of Christ’s followers.

Since Jesus is the center of our faith and Catholics believe that He founded a unified visible faith and He actually cared about truth enough to preserve the truth for 2000 years we don’t need a man to trust in. We trust in God.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I would be happy to explain why Catholic worship is Christ centered and encourages love for everyone.

In Christ


His Holiness is not a TV evangelist…:smiley:


He is JUST the Pope? If we don’t need a man to trust in, as you put it, why do we have a Pope?

When did respect for the ‘office’ of the Priest and the Bishop and the Pope change to “he’s just the” whatever? I bet it all happened about the same time we started calling our Priests by their first name without benefit of title, and they stopped wearing their collar, and sisters stopped wearing their habits and started screaming about being ordained, and we started receiving the body of Christ in our hands and women stopped wearing the veil and kneelers were removed from Churches and …

Wow. Lots of changes. All good? I’m not so sure.


Nice rant… largely irrelevant to the topic, but nice none the less.:shrug:


As a ‘Senior Member’ of the Forum, is that kind of attitude the best you can do? I was questioning some statements made by the poster that I quoted. You know, you could have tried to answer them or at the very least give me your thoughts on the points I made instead of insulting me.

Just a thought.


That was not an insult. In fact, I took it as a compliment from him to you.


I am thinking more in line of speaking more definitively on what the church teaches, reason behinds things, plans moving forward etc…etc…

PR stuff I guess…

George Bush is a busy man - we always see/hear him

Try looking in different places. America Media talks about the President because he is the president of America. I’m betting he doesn’t get as much press in other countries. The only time the media talks about the Pope is if he’s making a visit to America or he’s done something that they can make a scandal out of.

Try watching EWTN, and looking in Catholic newspapers. Catholics hear about what the Pope is up to and what he’s written, what he’s working on and what he’s about to say/do/travel to all the time because they’re connected to outlets that let us know, but the average non-Catholic isn’t going to think off the top of is head to go look at World Over Live to get their news, just because it’s out of their realm of familiarity.


There are other Catholics who make appearances on talk shows. One that comes to mind is William Donohue, the head of the Catholic League.

God has given these people talents and spiritual gifts that make them good guests in secular settings. They talk well and are effervescent and thought-provoking to the average television viewer or radio listener.

At the local level, there are Catholics who appear on the various local talk shows and in the secular newspapers because of their ability to communicate in an entertaining and thoughtful way. For quite a while, our city’s newspaper featured a monthly column by one of the deacons in our church, a charming, intellectual, and outgoing person who, sadly for us, has moved to a different city where he will no doubt soon be recruited as a “star” by the local media!

I think the Pope is wise not to appear on Oprah. It would be used not as an opportunity for him to preach the Gospel, but instead, as an opportunity for her to publicize her show. I have nothing against Oprah; in fact, I think she has one of the best shows on TV. But the Pope should not be a PR tool for a secular show.

The Pope is considered a world ruler, along the lines of Queen Elizabeth, the Prime Minister of Japan, President Putin, Fidel Castro, Carl XVI Gustav, King of Sweden, Crown Prince Abdallah of Saudi Arabia, etc. These people do not make appearances on talk shows. It is…sorry to sound snobby, but it’s true…beneath their dignity.

One more point. Although we in the U.S. consider Oprah and some of the other talk show hosts to be very important people, to the rest of the world, these people are nobodies. And as much as I love the U.S.A., I recognize that it is not the center of the world. Why should the Pope bother with us? We have plenty of good priests, evangelists, and Catholic churches that are perfectly capable of sharing the Gospel. I think it would be better if we all chipped in and did our part in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Well, I have apologized twice in the last 30 minutes on two other threads. Third times a charm, I guess. If this was a compliment, heck, even if it wasn’t, I APOLOGIZE. Don’t know why I am feeling so thin-skinned today - maybe I need to spend some time away from the computer :gopray2:


The pope does go out and preach to all nations, and he lets others come to him, as Jesus did ‘Let the children come unto me’.

However the pope is not Jesus, and his day is very structured-praying, confessing, listening to confessions, meeting with bishops, papal audiences, etc. He is also the head of State of the Vatican.

Why doesn’t President Bush make more personal appearances, on Oprah or Larry King (personally, I think it would be a waste of time)? Simply because his days are so structured.

These are not celebrities…:rolleyes:

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