Why doesn't the pope/vatican take the illigal immigrants qustion

How to respond?

To what illegal immigrants do you refer? Many countries have illegal immigrants (they are often called “refugees”).

Be discerning of the sources you cite, but google “pope Francis” “immigration.”




they are trying to deflect the question and take it away from the true meaning of the question.

The simple answer is, you are dodging the true issue at hand. There are thousands of children unaccompanied who left a life of extreme poverty and violence who come to this country for refuge and a new life. God calls us to take care of these children, and saying why doesn’t the Pope do this is just a dodge to avoid the real issue.

I imagine it would be due to so many different nations having a variety of laws.

US Bishops have spoken and acted extensively on this issue.


Maybe we can get all the gay couples to adopt them all. It’s a cute sentiment but we can’t even take care of our own abandoned children and now we’re asking other people to send us their children?!! Who’s going to take these kids in? Do they all have family here in the States? I doubt it. Yes, take care of them, feed them, love them. But send them home to their families, and when they’ve gotten an education apply at our universities. Adults can come here and work, children can not legally work or support themselves. What are we gonna do, stick 'em in a group home?! We’re not the United States of abandon your children.

The Holy See actually is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of Refugees, and HH Francis has advocated housing refugees in empty Church buildings.

However, the application of the Convention is a bit different when you are dealing with a state which is tiny: about half a square kilometre, one sixth of a square mile. The provisions for housing, employment, and freedom of movement were designed for country-sized territories, not a mini-state which is entirely occupied by the headquarters of a huge institution. I doubt that any of those buildings are empty (although I admit that quite a few of them are stuffed with millions of poorly-labelled museum pieces).

The application of the Convention is further complicated by the position of the state, in that the Vatican has no independent, international travel routes, and is wholly enclosed by the city of Rome, and that refugee status is accorded to those who flee from a place of imminent threat to a place of safety. Refugee status is a matter of desperation and urgency, not a matter of picking and choosing, and so any genuine refugee ought to be getting off the plane or ship in Italy, and applying there.

Should a genuine refugee somehow make his/her way secretly into the Vatican and then apply for refugee status, I believe that the provisions of international law would be wholly satisfied by the Holy See finding that person a safe place to live in Italy, unless the person is fleeing Italy itself.

Problem is, if we send them all home, within a month, they will be back again. I dont think they know what to do about this, and we can be sure incidents like this will happen more and more.

Its somewhat surprising none of these immigrants knows what waits for them in the US…a life of prostitution, working for some pimp, being a drug mule, etc. I find it hard to believe none of these kids parents back in their home countries knows these things happen to illegals all the time, yet they still send their own flesh and blood to experience it all…???

I’m still waiting for the OP to respond to my question:

The Pope leads a global Church. I would like to know exactly which immigrants the OP refers to - which nationality is illegally immigrating to which country, and why the OP feels the Pope ought to intervene one way or another in this illegal process.

I suppose that the Vatican generally opposes illegal immigration. It is, after all, illegal, and a nation-state has the right to define laws of immigration, which is an internationally recognized right of territory. No nation-state is under any moral obligation to allow unrestricted immigration. Vatican City certainly has no such policy.

Odell, what exactly are you asking?

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