Why don’t some Catholics teach their children about God and how to pray

I know some people my age who are Catholic but don’t really know much about there faith I told “didn’t your parents teach you” and they said no this actually shocked me because if you call yourself Catholic and not teach your children about the faith then how can they call themselves Catholics my earliest memory is my mum laying in bed with me teach me the Lord’s Prayer I remember her telling me that “ god is the light and goodness the devil is the darkness and everything evil any thing you do good comes from god and anything you do bad comes from the devil” by the time I was 5 or 6 I knew all my prayers and could pray the rosary I knew all the mystery’s by heart I also knew the divine mercy and when I go to mass the one thing I noticed is the children are given colouring books and toys there not focusing on what the priest is saying I remember when I went to mass when I was younger all the children would be put next to a nun called sister Margaret if you talked or looked back she would pinch you (had our parents permission) she would make us all focuse on what the priest was saying and afterwards would ask us questions about the mass she was an Irish nun so was very contrary :rofl: I still loved her we all did rip poor sister Margaret

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But I’m curious what your standard for teaching here is? I think kids can definitely be taught about faith, without necessarily knowing all the mysteries by heart or paying attention to homilies that often reference things they’re not aware of yet.


The parents may not have had a good grasp of things themselves. Perhaps they were never taught their prayers, so they didn’t know how to teach their kids, and just figured the priest or the nuns would handle it.

It’s nice that you loved Sister Margaret, despite the pinching.


I know because other than that she was really nice and when we went to we’re she lived for lessons and stuff she would give us biscuits and cakes

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Sorry I learned to read when I was 9 left school when I was 10 or 11 so I’m not really good with punctuation

Some people, unfortunately, may not take the faith seriously or may believe that CCD and RE in school “cover it”. My mom taught us the faith at home and I do the same for DSD. I tell her that on the day her dad and I got sacramentally married we stood up there in front of God and everybody and said yes to accepting children and raising them in the faith. We take that responsibility very seriously. (I take much of the lead simply because I am a cradle Catholic and a former RE teacher. Hubby was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and converted as an adult, so he has little experience with CCD for children.)

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