Why don’t we call bishops “apostles”? (And more!) [Akin]

jimmyakin.com/wp-content/uploads/55sh-300x300.jpgJimmy appears on Catholic Answers Live in this episode of the podcast and answers these questions:

*]Why don’t we call bishops “apostles” if they’re the successors to the apostles? When did we start having bishops? (2:30)
*]Why did the Catholic Church support the “bad guys” in the Spanish Civil War? (5:00)
*]What can Jimmy recommend to a searching Protestant for understanding the pope and Mary? (12:15)
*]Are there apostles living today? (20:35)
*]Are all churches the same? (22:25)
*]Does the fact that Paul was sent to the Gentiles and Rome disprove the authority of Peter? (30:00)
*]Why do Catholics pray to saints if Jesus is the only Mediator? Can we pray for those who have passed on, and if so, do they have to be canonized saints? (34:35)
*]Does Jesus’ answer to the Sadducees imply sola scriptura? Where do Catholics and Protestants differ on sola scriptura? (44:40)
[/LIST](Original Airdate: December 5, 2013)


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