Why don't Catholic Churches do Kids Clubs?


AWANAs, Pioneer Clubs, Missionettes, Stockade/Brigade, etc.

These are FUN!

I was a Pioneer Clubs leader for almost ten years in my Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and I LOVED it! We made campfires, did bike riding skills, did crafts, took field trips, earned badges, played games, sang, did a little Bible study, and just had a grand time every week. I taught older girls: 5th/6th grade, and 7th/8th grade. I LOVED IT! I miss it.

Why don’t Catholic Churches have these clubs?

I realize that a lot of Catholic Churches have Boy Scouts/Girls Scouts in their schools, but these do NOT offer a “spiritual” teaching time. Also, the Girl Scouts has a particularly difficult-to-accept policy about homosexuality. Although I would love to be a GS leader, I could not bring myself to accept or promote this policy, so I wouldn’t be allowed to be a leader.

I also realize that Catholic Churches have religious training (CCD). Is this ever run as club?" I doubt it, since it’s supposed to be training in the church beliefs, not “how to cook hobo stew over a campfire.”

I wish that Catholic Churches had church clubs. I would love to get back into it again. I really loved doing this kind of work–fun/useful activities and Godly teaching.

Are the kids in Catholic Churches just too busy? I doubt it–lots of them find time to go to AWANA clubs in Protestant churches. Hmm.


Through Girl Scouts the girls in my parish and parish school can “earn” medals such as “family of God” or “I live my faith”

see link: nfcym.org/gscf/recognitions.htm

I’m not sure what you are talking about in regards to policies regarding homosexuals

Outside of Girls Scouts (and Boy Scouts) or parish does do VBS and other activites of those nature.

God Bless


There are the Little Flowers for girls and the boys equivalent (can’t remember the name)


I never heard of those.


Is it possible that there are not enough parents who are willing to volunteer to lead these types of clubs in Catholic parishes? I do not know about all parishes, but at least in mine, most of the volunteers in parish activities tend to be senior citizens. Even the adult clubs such as KofC, Holy Name Society, etc. tend to be made up of mostly retired people. Even the RCIA volunteers tend to be 50+.


are you volunteering to lead such a club in your parish, train other parent volunteers (including the incredible paperwork burden an volunteer organization assumes in today’s world of liability protection)? Are you up on how overscheduled today’s kids are and how hard it is to get them to meet high priority commitments like CCD, in competition with sports and other activities? If most Catholic parishes can scarcely recruit enough people for essentials like CCD, and will not tithe to support religious education, it is doubtful the same Catholics with tithe their treasure, time and talent for sadly needed youth activities.


Both the ConQuest and Challenge clubs are booming in our area.



My response is similar to that of some other posters.

If you see a need fill it. And persist in filling it.

This has been the Catholic method since the beginning. It is how the Church renews itself for each generation.

Francis of Assissi is my favorite example of this. He saw a need in the Church for a renewed devotion to poverty and simplicity and he pursued that need with his entire being.


I agree with one of the posters, if you see a need fill it. It isnt something new to the Church. In Gemany the Catholic Youth Clubs were more popular than the HItler Youth Club. They hiked and did other outdoor activites as well I think. I am not an expert on this though. I think its a great idea. I wish someone would organize it at a national level.


CYO used to be extremely popular when me and also my kids were growing up, and most of their sports were under CYO auspices. It is still thriving where half my grandkids go to school. They used to have summer camps and summer day camps for kids of all ages, and activities throughout the school year. The structure is there, obviously just waiting for volunteers, and for interest to be generated among the children themselves and their families.


I’ll do what I can! Thanks.

Little Flower? Sounds interesting.



this has the little flower gear…so cute!

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