Why don't Catholic Radio Stations play christian rock?


I love Catholic radio (EWTN & the Catholic Channel) because it has done so much to booster my faith and faith of my friends. I also love listening to christian music like the Spirit on Satelite or Fish on XM Satelite. It’s non offensive music, that my kids can hear, and they don’t get bored. What I can’t figure out is why the Catholic Channels won’t incorporate this kind of music to their programming. Recently while listening to the Catholic Channel, I heard them play Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” song, which is essentially about fornication. The christian radio stations have some really nice stuff from a range of artists. So why don’t Catholic Radio Stations play christian rock?

I do not know but I think it would be nice if our local Catholic radio station played more contempory music. They play some contempory Catholic music (but not much) and one time recently I heard them play "Jesus take the Wheel " by Carrie Underwood. During a pledge drive, I heard them play a Nick Alexander parody song. I wish they would play stuff like that more often. Usually, it is a few minutes of classical instrumental or an older hymn between shows. That is nice too, but I think more contempory sounding stuff with a beat would be more likely to cause someone to pause while they are flipping through channels to see what the station is. Anyway, we do not have any AM or FM station which plays Christian music here.

It is odd that the Catholic Channel would play a Billy Idol song. I do not know the lyrics to White Wedding and did not know it was about fornication but I know that Billy Idol is not at all known as a Christian singer.

EWTN Radio carries Catholic Jukebox, which is Christian contemporary music, from 4:30-5:00 eastern time, Monday thru Friday. They also carry a program on Thursday evenings, Next Wave Live, which carries contemporary music as well.

Try listening to WBVM, frantic Catholic radio, they play it until you want to scream.

I’ve heard Next Wave Live, but it had too much talk on it (usually interviews with the artists). Seemed geered for a younger crowd as well and I’ve never heard of most of the artists. I’ve also heard Catholic Jukebox, but it’s so short (only 1/2 hr).

Unfortuately I don’t get WBVM in my area.

Maybe I was generalizing too much. But I was strickly speaking about EWTN and the Catholic Channel. I don’t get reception for any of the AM or FM Catholic channels. Thanks for your input.:thumbsup:

Why not have genuine Catholic music, like Palestrina, or Mozart, Bach (ok Bach was a protestant, but his music is quite Catholic), Allegri, Widor, and so many others? :slight_smile:

The Catholic Church spawned an entire culture- why not indulge in it?


You might find some interesting web links here:


Actually, personally speaking, I don’t WANT them to play Christian music.
I listen to Catholic radio for one reason…to hear discussions and forums on my faith, to I can learn and grow.

I can get music anywhere, at any time, what I want is to hear Catholic discussions un-interrupted when I want.

Ceaser, why do you consider Palestrina and Mozart more genuine Catholic than a more contemporary artist who is living a good Catholic life in today’s world? Like Dana or Marie Ballet or Father Stan Fortuna? I understand that you yourself prefer more traditional classical music but why is one more "Catholic’? I know that the word “catholic” means universal which I always thought meant that Catholicism was not just limited to one culture.

I have debated this subject of music with my Mom and sister (who have differing views from me) and I believe that no one genre of music can be considered supirior to another inherently. Some genres might be more likely to have offensive lyrics in terms of the artists that are popular in the mass market but I tend to think that taste in music itself (if the lyrics are not offensive) is something subjective. Truthfully, arguments that some types of music are inherently better have always rubbed me the wrong way- I feel strongly about this. I am not trying to be uncharitible, I am just wondering what you base your argument on.

Well, there was some discussion I was in about this. Your comments could apply to to Bach, Mozart, and other Classical and Baroque composers, but in regards to Palestrina and others who based their music on Gregorian Chant, their music is considered to be inspired by the Holy Spirit (by virtue of it’s basis in chant, which is undoubtably inspired. However, all of this music is based on the Mass and the traditional prayers of the Church

The genre of rock on the other hand is questionable, even if the Catholic sub-genre is orthodox (which not all of it is)- although the idea of “Catholic Rock” has it’s foundation in protestant “Christian Rock”, and the lyrics are usualy original rather then based on approved prayer.

Ceaser, I do not want to highjack this thread so I may start another thread on this topic. Thanks for at least partly explaining yourself. This is an important issue to me becuase I love music and becuase I believe it could be a tool for much-needed evangilization.

Please do. I too strongly believe that music is a tool for evangelization. Although obviously we both have differant views on what that music should be ;).

In fact, if you want to discuss this further feel free to pm me, and I’ll give you a fuller explanation of my position ;).

There are plenty of Catholic musicians for Catholic radio to play in all genres rather than promoting Protestant artists who do not always sing about things in line with our faith. The song, “You are the Answer” burns me up everytime I hear it come on the local “Christian” station because it equates Catholics in St. Peter’s Square with Jews at the wailing wall as people who have not accepted Christ as Lord. I cut it off every time it comes on. I’ve also written the station and let them know that they have Catholic listeners who are Christian and who are offended.

Because I know some Catholic composers I have really searched out lots of original Catholic music in the last several years. I have found the vast majority of it based on Scripture, traditional prayers or Catholic teachings such as the Eucharist which of course had to be put into someone’s original words. I have found more questionable lyrics in “older” Catholic music from the 1960’s and 1970’s than in anything written after about 1990.

I don’t believe that we are in a position to say that someone’s Catholic compositions are or are not inspired by the Holy Spirit unless they are not faithful to church teachings. We may not like the genre they use to express the message, but it does not mean that it is not inspired work. God has a lot of people to reach and He can work in ways beyond our comprehension or comfort level. Many people are particularly touched by different types of music. I personally hope that Catholic stations continue to play Catholic music of all types so long as the message is orthodox.

This is all very interesting. I know that I wouldn’t mind hearing Amy Grant (both her religious and secular material) on Catholic radio even though she is not Catholic.

This reminds of an thing that happened to me over 20 years ago. I went into a Christian bookstore to get some lps by Amy. I told the clerk what I was looking for and then in passing mentioned that I was Catholic but found her to be so wonderful and uplifting – a message for all. The clerk snorted at me and said ‘You’re probably looking for her secular material – we don’t carry it.’ He went on to explain that she was somewhat looked down on by the Christian community because she had ‘turned her back on it’.

One other thing – are there any mainstream pop/ rock stars swho are Catholic and still practice the faith? I’ve always wondered if it would be possible to get them together to do a pro-life benefit CD like some of the pro-abortion charity CDs that Warners (Just Say Roe - for example) and I think Sony did.

In Christ’s Peace


Some U2 would be good, especially pre-Joshua Tree. Selected Prince songs would be interesting too, such as “What if God was one of us” and the song he co-wrote with MC Hammer (and can be heard in the new flick “License to Marry”). Or how about some Van Morrison, or King’s X (remember them?)? Heck, I wouldn’t mind hearing Jars of Clay every other month.

There are two radio stations I can think of which play this type of music, Catholic rock.


And, truth103, I can’t think of the exact URL right now.

Catholic Music Network on live365 also has two stations of interest: Catholic Music Alive, and Catholic music Pulse. One is a mix of Catholic contemporary music, rock, rap, pop and so-on, and the other plays Catholic rock exclusively.

The Catholic channel on SiriusXM radio also has a program on Sunday nights which seeks to bring young men into the priesthood by sharing the faith of individual Catholic musicians, it’s repeated on Saturday evenings.

There is also a station, called (I think) Spirit FM, out of Florida, with an online webcast, which plays a good bit of Christian and Catholic rock.

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