Why dont Catholics on this forum

discuss nonCatholic religions?
This is not a Catholic forum.

Eh? :confused:

Then why is it called Catholic Answeres. Why is this one for contrasting and comparing Religions?

Oh hisalone you can come up with em. But Ok, I know you are Up to something my sweet, what is it? I will be the first to bite. Come on out with honey? If not are you are serious I hope I answered your question.

The OP meant that this particular forum “Non-Catholic Religions” is not for people to discuss Catholicsm. Well, the admin of the website wrote “Comparing and contrasting beliefs” for this particular non-Catholic forum. It does not say we cannot discuss Catholic related topics. Furthermore, there are non-Catholics who like to discuss Catholicsm among themselves or with Catholics in this forum – it is all about “Comparing and contrasting beliefs” – but many times, I see this forum is quite similar or at least a subforum of the Apologetics forum.

There are catholics discussing non-catholic religions all over the place. There are discussions on Mormonism, Islam, Lutheranism, etc.

But to answer your question: Because non-catholics such as yourself continue to start threads challenging catholicism or asking questions regarding catholicism.

but mostly discussing Catholicism.

It’s very simple to understand - there are more Catholics on this website.

The Catholics are not dumb! http://i35.tinypic.com/2emzvon.jpg

IMO having this section is pretty clever. Most non-Catholics all gather here. Its like bait! hehe

They don’t have to seek us out, it is easier to say what they want to say, and it more effectively reaches the intended target. We are gathered at the “potential catholic” watering hole! :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to admit, hasn’t some of their postings made you curious? lol :smiley:

Hi Auriel:

I would think that a non-catholic coming to a catholic website says more about the prevailing curiosity here.

Just a question…why would you come to a catholic website for discussion on non-catholic religion with non-catholics?

In fact, it does. However, some have different motives, though.

Well, I think there are many reasons non-catholics come here. Some probably like a healthy debate, some may just want to compare notes, some attack and like to argue, while others are indeed curious.

Still, a clever idea.

ETA: I did not see ur post above me! LOL But yes, exactly! :thumbsup:

How about Catholics and non Catholics discussing nonCatholic religions. Now thats a novel idea.:wink:

Yes, the idea has been discussed… look through the pages of this forum.

Well, I guess that depends on HOW and WHO’s defining the word religion? Some might consider that Buddhism while others might consider Protestants as having their own religion.

What do you expect, Hisalone?

That we discuss nonCatholic religions and never, never bring up the Catholic religion? Isn’t that infringing on our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech as well as the freedom to follow our religious beliefs?

That’s like trying to discuss nothing but diseases without ever bringing up the idea that there could be health–you know, ‘not being diseased’. Just what do you think would possibly get accomplished if nobody talked about CURING diseases but just kept comparing the symptoms of disease A versus those of diseases B, C, D, etc.?

Not that I am equating nonCatholic religions with disease. Since I’m in the medical field it just came to mind as an example.

And BTW, dear, Catholics ARE discussing nonCatholic religions with nonCatholics here. Heck, we talk to you!

But if by ‘discuss’ you mean, “You Catholics must remain silent about YOUR beliefs here and only talk about nonCatholic beliefs in nonCatholic terms”, that isn’t discussion at all. It’s attempted coercion.

The thing is - you wanted people to discuss non-Catholic topics, yet, most of your recent posts were mainly focusing Catholic in this forum.

You brought some good Catholic topics up, then expect people to discuss about Catholicsm.


You wonder why Catholics wont discuss any other religion but their own and then not a half an hour later open a new thread about Catholics persecuting Protestants in Mexico. :confused:

God bless

I am just grasping at straws here, but could it possibly be because it is a Catholic Site and being’s that there are more Catholic’s. I bet if you went to a site like Jewish answers there would be more Jewish people!

:smiley: s/he’s pretty occupied by that thread right now.

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