Why don't Jews still practice animal sacrifices?

Are there any revelations that caused the Jews to stop prescribed sacrifices and if not what is the reason? Did it just die out?

It was destroyed and the people were dispersed from the land of Israel. There is no Jewish Temple on the mount today even though the Jews are back in the land. Which I for one am glad God brought them back into that land.

So no Temple, no sacrafice?

That is the reasoning?


This is the only thing I could find on it.

70 AD the temple was destroyed , that would do it allright.:smiley:

When the third Temple is restored, animal sacrifices will resume. When we do not have a Temple (which has happened several times in our history…both the First and Second Temples were destroyed as punishment because we did not always keep Torah), prayer and mitzvot take the place of animal sacrifices.

Judaism has always taught that animal sacrifice is only ONE way of atoning for sin. Even when the temple stood, animal sacrifice was not the only method, there were other forms of offerings as well, such as meal offerings.

In non-Temple times, according to Proverbs 16:6 and other Biblical passages, prayer and good deeds atones for sin as well.

I find this question only arises from Christians (who generally are not very familiar with Jewish teachings)…perhaps because of their belief in Jesus, they labor under the misconception that ONLY blood sacrifice atones for sin in Judaism. Not so.

God told the Israelites to sacrifice animals for sin offerings.

God ended the sacrifice of animals for sin offerings by offering the Lord Jesus as the perfect once for all sacrifice for sins.


In your religion’s opinion (funny how some keep forgetting to add that!) :slight_smile:

Man, can you imagine the uproar from animal rights activists when sacrifices resume?

Yeah! :smiley:

I met a rapturist who believes that the third temple will be built soon. I asked about the resumption of animal sacrifices and she did not know the answer.

However, she said at that time, Jesus will come and rapture his church away and have 1000 years and 144,000 jewish men to convert the rest of Judaism to Christianity. The 144,000 will all be martyred.

Was any of this taken from Jewish theology?

Yes, I realize the part about Jesus does not fit Jewish theology.

None of that is in Jewish theology, so I don’t know where they get it (most likely the Book of Revelation/Apocalypse in the NT).

In the book of Jonah, an entire city is redeemed without offering any sacrifices.

IMO, sacrifices were only instituted as a way to keep the Jews happy, since that is what they were used to. Rambam suggested pretty much the same thing and, although he taught and wrote about sacrifices, was not of the opinion that they would be resumed or needed to be resumed when the Temple was built.

Proverbs 21:3 “Doing chairty and justice is more desirable to Hashem than sacrifices.” Rabbi Elazar agreed with this and stated that doing charity and justice is greater than offering all the sacrifices.

On the flip side, there are plenty of Talmud passages that lament the inability to do sacrifices and look forward to the time that they will be resumed.

Snapple Judaism: For a while, after the destruction of the Temple, some jewish communities taught that sacrifices could be done anywhere. This practice died out.

Since we’re wandering off topic, what is the status of a gentile who helps a Jew do the aliyah?
Hope I spelt that rite.

God bless you

A gentile cannot help in that regard. THey would not be permitted to be called to the Torah.

I think he meant aliyah as in, moving to Eretz Yisrael.

oh. what kind of status issues would be associated with that? Travel agent?:slight_smile:

I believe he meant, does God bless Gentiles who help Jews return to the Promised Land.

And the answer is most definitely yes. :slight_smile:

You got it Hashem.
I’m no Schindler but I’m working on it.
I hoped it would please God.

God bless you

It’s sad you keep ignoring/disbelieving what the God of the Tanakh has said.


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