Why don't Protestant/Bible Only Christians understand the Catholic Church?


Why don’t Protestant/Bible Only Christians understand the Catholic Church? Why do many believe we are in error with all are unbiblical “man made traditions”? Steve Ray a well known Catholic convert has said “Protestants have new unbiblical traditions”. Is it that rejecting the authority of THE CHURCH they fall into a cloud of nonbiblical teaditions and lose the truth?

  1. They do not want to know about the Church.
  2. They are propagandized thoroughly against the Church from an early age and believe what they have been indoctrinated to believe.
  3. They lack the critical thinking ability to separate fact from fiction, a common ailment thanks to the horrible public primary education system in the United States.
  4. The Church is not easy to understand.


Agreed. I also think it has to do with authority. All protestants I know talk about how “Jesus wasn’t interested in religion.” “It’s all about the relationship with Jesus.” “The church is a spiritual entity.” To become Catholic would be to completely change their beliefs about all of that. I sympathize as I imagine it’s not an easy thing to do. I have a friend who is thinking of converting to the Catholic Church, but there are things holding him back. A lot of the things holding him back have to do with the way his Protestants friends and family will be looking at him and thinking of him if he does.


“Invincible Ignorance”. :shrug:


If he hasn’t already, then have him read Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn. There’s a particular part in Kimberly’s testimony that describes her feelings being very similar to your friend’s. She then explains how she comes to realize that to not convert and be obedient to God if she’s feeling called to do so in order to appease friends and family, is a direct disobedience to God. That chapter was a big part in my wife’s conversion, as she feared her grandfather’s reaction.


These are not direct answers to your questions but they popped to mind.

I heard Dr. Hahn make a comment on Journey Home this week that I thought was quite good. (I’m going to watch the show again at 1 pm today.)
Anyway, he was commenting about his journey to the Church and reading the Bible.
He looked at his protestant beliefs and compared them to what Paul was writing, and he realized, “hey if I believed in OSAS, I’d never write this passage this way.”

On the preivious show (I can’t remember the guest’s name) the guest refered to “tradition” as the cumulative total of the workings of the Holy spirit within the Church. (or words to that effect)



This question must also be asked, surely:

**Why don’t Catholic Christians understand the Protestant denominations? Why do many Catholics believe Protestants are in error with unbiblical “man made traditions” and ‘cafeteria Christianity’? **

In Christ


The only reason is that they have been taught not to accept the Catholic view.


Because they ARE in error.


sometimes the ignorance is vincible.


Because for the most part the majority were indoctrinated by self appointed ministers and preachers at an early age during their identify and personality formation stage of personal development and taught that they would go to hell if they had anything to do with Catholics and “teachings of men”. Then they grew up believing this nonsense and never stopped to think critically that the Catholic Church has been around for 2000 years and it was their own pastors and ministers who were teaching an all new “teaching of man” never before heard on the planet until the 1550s.

It is extremely hard to get somone to go back later in life and re-examine their own identity and self-perception much less be open to critical analysis of their beliefs. To be fair, an atheist would make the same charge against cradle catholics.

Thus it normally takes a life changing event or setback that we all face at some point in our lives (death of a loved one, near death experience, falling into misfortune, rejection or meeting a wonderful spouse, sudden epiphany etc.) to get somone to reconsider what they learned at an early age. Peer pressure or example also can be a huge factor.

The fundamental challenge that Catholics are facing are the two lies: 1) that Scripture is the COMPLETE and ONLY WORD of God and 2) that Scripture can be interpreted privately outside The Church. Especially the latter one - since this one makes it easy to justify doing almost anything - including hating and even persecuting Catholics along side the absurd idea that one can sin with the certain knowledge of salvation.



Those protestants must all be dumb, stupid, ignorant apes. Perhaps they are all the missing links and not even quite human, as anyone with half a brain would clearly and quickly switch their religion to the perfect RCC. :wink:


it definitely didn’t take many brains to make that post.


Well, some of us have been Protestants, so we do have an understanding - at the very least - of the particular faith community in which we served our Lord before He called us Home. Speaking only for myself, I spent years researching all of the mainline Protestant denominations and it really started to bother me that they were all reading the same book but telling me it said different things.

The problem with “understanding” Protestantism comes from trying to pin down exactly what Protestants believe. There is no voice of authority in Protestantism that says, “This is what we believe” - unless they’re holding a Bible aloft and as I said above, the Presbyterians and the Baptists would have different interpretations from one another, as would the Lutherans, the Methodists, the Pentecostals, the 7th Day Adventists, and the Episcopalians, just to name a few.

To answer the OP: When a Protestant is truly open to learning about the Catholic faith, they usually end up IN the Catholic Church. Not always, but quite often. It was only when I earnestly, prayerfully studied the real Catholic faith instead of just believing what the Baptists were telling me about the Catholic faith, that I saw Her beauty and Truth and could no longer “protest.”



The OP and many of the following posts border on arrogance and appear to assume a malice or stupidity in protestants. Did it never occur to anyone here that from the reformers on through the ages millions of devout Christians honestly and sincerely could not or cannot combine the RCC faith and behaviour with the Scriptures and reason???


i know you were being sarcastic. at least with your next post you made a point that can be debated intelligently.


at least with your next post you made a point that can be debated intelligently.

My posts cannot be debated, everything I say is perfectly accurate

(atleast that is what I try to tell my wife) :slight_smile:


LOL. i understand where you are coming from. i am not sure there will ever be an understanding between protestants and catholics.

i am relatively new to the forum as i am a relatively new catholic, and i read all of the opinions and arguments back and forth.

they always say there are 3 things you should never discuss - politics,
religion and i forgot the 3rd one. after coming here, i agree. LOL


the third one is race.


I thought it was money :shrug:

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