Why don't they believe in Jesus Christ?

Why don’t the Jews believe in Him?

Excluding those that were alive when He was alive on earth.

Everything was in scripture, He fulfilled scriptue.

Surely they must see this.

Just been reading this to help you get an answer: simpletoremember.com/articles/a/jewsandjesus/

From what I gather it is difference in beliefs, we believe Jesus is our Lord, thanks to him and his followers. Meanwhile, Jews don’t as to them Jesus didn’t fulfill their definition of a Messiah,

Also if you look at it, if the Jews believed exactly what we believe, wouldn’t we called ourselves Jews? or the Jews call themselves Christians? Hope that makes some sort of sense.

Jewish philosophy is essentially a “closed system”*, in the sense that it denies the existence of Original Sin and therefore sees no need for a redemptive figure (i.e. Jesus) or a universal Church which paves the way to salvation.

*By “closed system” exactly, I mean that certain doctrines we take for granted in Christianity are not found in Judaism. Therefore, Judaism is almost like a “self-fulfilling religion” in the face of Christianity in that certain theological developments that came later are rejected to retain Judaism as being true.

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

That problem is also in my head for long time.
They wait for Messiah. My best way to deal with that to talk about Jesus and His power on earth

This is 100% correct. That is; for practicing, Jews who understand their beliefs.

I would just add to that the beginning of the Shema: “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. You shall love the Lord with all your heart…” aka the “greatest commandment”.

The concept of “Trinity” is hard enough to grasp when you’ve been raised on it; imagine being in a religion where know in your heart you have full love and identity with and from YHWH directly, only to be told that … no… you have to go through this “Jesus” guy to get to God now. Oh … and BTW… he’s God too.


I have known some truly devout Jews in my day and I honestly could never *tell *them that I see the light of Christ in them, but I do. God is so much bigger than anything we can imagine…

Instead of worrying about people who have good solid beliefs in God the Father, why not focus on those of us who need help with our walk?

Did you realize that, after Catholicism in the US, the second largest “religious identity” group is EX-Catholics? As I recall from a speech of Scott Hahn’s, over 15 *million *people in the US actively and knowingly reject the Church for, in many cases, lies and misunderstandings.

Also there’s the much larger group of people that I think Ezekiel would call “dry bones”: those who call themselves “Christian” but don’t know Christ. THESE are the ones we need to reach out to and help.

I appreciate your heart of love for your fellow man. But realize that you are asking people to stop holding on so hard to God … and start believing in … God.

Everything about Jesus’ ministry on Earth pointed us to God the Father. Even on the cross, he didn’t say “I have finished”, he said “It is finished”. We are to always keep in our heart the works of the Father of the Son. Glorify God.

If God calls a Jew and leads him down the road to catholicism, than by all means, help him; but please do never condemn a man that loves God every bit as much as you do. There are predispositions in the human condition that prevent us from making each other understand what it is that we ourselves perceive so clearly; this kind of change and understanding can happen only over long periods of time or/and through God’s help. If you are troubled in your heart for someone, pray for them, let God guide you on the path IF you need to take any kind of action in regards to their spiritual health. Understand that the Holy Spirit will give you the words you need to speak if any are necessary. Trust in God.

in the old testament the jews were gods chosen people…maybe they think they would be disobeying god by believing in jesus…they may not fully understand that he is the messiah…it would be like somebody trying to convert you to a whole other religion…you wouldnt like it and would feel like you were disobeying god, that must be how jews feel…

Consider this - how many people actually looked Jesus in the eyes yet still didn’t believe? That is something I’ve thought about so many times, and just don’t understand. How can you look into the eyes of Christ and not see Him? Even the apostles took a bit of time to truly get it.

That’s a good point.

How lovely it must be to look Him in the eyes.

If you are interested in this subject a good book to read would be “Twenty-six reasons why Jews don’t believe in Jesus” by Asher Norman.

Looks mildly interesting; though, of course, is biased in and of itself and should be read with caution, that is: statements made therein are specifically and intrinsically designed to refute Christianity. It should only be read by Christians in the interest of understanding the Jewish perspective; not to be taken as gospel truth. (Neither you, chosen people, nor it claim such; but *you know *some people have trouble making this distinction.)

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