Why dont we see any true magic in todays world?

If we trust what the bible says then we believe some people back in those days were able to perform real magic, like when Moses , with the help of God turned his staff into a snake, but then the king told one of his people to do the same, and they threw down their staff and it too turned into a snake, but the staff of Moses ate the other snake, this tells me people had the ability to do actual magic, and the bible also tells us to NOT partake in this, so this kind of says real magic exists, why tell someone to stay away from something, if it does not work or exist?

I just think its strange, especially with Youtube and the internet, there are not videos of thousands of people doing all kinds of supernatural magic? We obviously live in a time when many people do not care about Gods word or much less following his laws, so I doubt this is holding anyone back from doing magic today.

Some have said this is just a form of knowledge lost to the ages, that modern men just do not know how to activate and use real magic anymore, This sounds logical to me, as I cant think of any other reason for people NOT to be openly doing this stuff, still strange though, that not even one person is doing this for all to see.

As you say - it seems that such knowledge has become lost. That’s probably for the best, I think.

God’s working of miracle is not magic, per se. Other than that, no, I don’t believe magic as such ever existed. We would be able to observe it had it been so, there would be some measurable or noted effect of magical forces on the world, there is not.

I think the OT passage you refer to probably involved some trickery or deception: pharaoh’s priests did not transmogrify a piece of wood into a snake.

Not magic, miracles. There are a good number of accounts of the Blessed Sacrament Turing into flesh. Look at St. Pio, for example. He has a large number of miracles attributed to him, and he died in the 80’s (I think). There is also a miracle happening right before our eyes at the Mass. I know it is hard to see the miracle, but it is definitely there. God still reveals Himself to us, we just have to look (not to say that you aren’t).

God bless,

Well, my first response would be that the miraculous things that God does, personally or through people, is not ‘magic’ per se. Rather, it falls into the category of miracle. In the case of the staffs turned into snakes, I think I might be willing to interpret this entire episode as miracles performed by God. In other words, perhaps God allowed pharoah’s people to do the same thing – but for the purpose of showing that Moses’ “power” was stronger than the so-called magicians’ power!

As far as the Scriptural prescription against magic, I would respond that the prescription is against thinking that there is power in things (rather than in God) and that people shouldn’t attempt to exercise power over things material or spiritual, but rather should turn to God in love and obedience. I would think that this is the rationale here…

Some have said this is just a form of knowledge lost to the ages, that modern men just do not know how to activate and use real magic anymore, This sounds logical to me, as I cant think of any other reason for people NOT to be openly doing this stuff, still strange though, that not even one person is doing this for all to see.

If this were the case, then we’d be admitting that there is power to be had over things; I would assert that this isn’t true.

“Magic”??? Uh, wrong terminology.

There are miracles taking place every single day. You think the media will benefit from reporting same, think again. I personally know of several.

Does it take a MAN RISING FROM THE DEAD to provide you with sufficient “magic”? Well, it’s BEEN ACCOMPLISHED.

Stop looking for signs. Pray for extraordinary grace that you might hear, see, experience the presence of God in your everyday life because He IS THERE, all day, every day, all night, every night.

According to some people, there is still “true magic” in the world. However, if it is, it is the workings of demonic powers. We must not forget that angels and demons are very real and powerful creatures.

Personally, I knew a guy who was heavily into Thelema (and later joined the O.T.O), and I saw some pretty weird stuff happen when he was around.

Also, long before my conversion, I was staying with a friend and his family whose dad had recently died. One day while I was sleeping (I worked overnight and everyone else worked during the day, so I was alone), I “woke up” and the TV was on and his dad was sitting next to me, in the same chair where he died (in the last few years of his life he rarely left that chair except to go to the bathroom; the rest of his time was spent watching TV or sleeping in that very spot) speaking to me in some strange tongue. Needless to say, I was freaked. But the next thing I knew, I really woke up to my friend’s mom screaming at me. She wanted to know why I had turned on every light in the house and, specifically, why I had been in her bedroom and bathroom. The kicker: it was pitch black in that house when I went to sleep (all the windows were very well covered.) My friend, who was (and, for all I know, still is) into the occult at that time, confessed after I told him about it that he had been conducting some sort of rituals to try to communicate with his father.

I don’t expect anyone else to believe me, but… I know what I saw, so :shrug:. Take it for what it’s worth.

I’m pretty sure they see a lot of Magic in Orlando. (Sorry, couldn’t resist :blush:)

Oh I believe you, I know these kinds of things do happen and most likely they can be attributed to demonic activity, they have the ability to make things move around and other parlor type tricks that would seem truly astonishing to a mortal man, and of course, none of it can be proven scientifically.

I think the first reply was correct, this is just something lost to the ages, but the books are still around, as this was an art taught to mankind by the fallen angels, I cant see them teaching something that does not work or is fake to begin with. I believe if a person was dedicated enough, they probably could develop some abilities, but would probably loose their soul in the process.

Look at Solomonic magic, I have read some of this and it is absolutely crazy, it would take many years of intense dedication to attain many of things mentioned, then there is actual witchcraft, which has been around for many many years, I doubt it would last thru the ages if there was truly nothing to it and it didnt work, there are many people that practice witchcraft in todays world, but Id imagine alot of this type of magic is done with the help of demonic forces, so it is actually their magic, not the human doing it.

I would also add, in the case of things as obvious as transmogrification, that the devil and his ilk would probably not want to be so visible in this day and age of global visibility. After all, they’re much more effective in deceiving those who don’t think they exist.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Actually, in the OT, God says that He sometimes makes the spells, incantations and idolatrous practices work effectively, in order that they would continue to believe in them and not in Him, as a judgement.

It’s in Scripture; I’m not fooling.

So, the only power is God, even with magic.

Magic is the stuff of pagans. Miracles is the stuff of God.

The difference is the source. And the danger or the blessing.

Source please. I think whatever passage you might refer to you have a mistaken understanding of. God cannot deceive, do to so would be to break his own moral law, God cannot author deception.

Today’s version of “magic” would include the endless seminars of how to find your “deeper, more spiritual self”, not by heeding any Scripture or Magisterium, but by journeying within. Essentially people are training not to follow God, but to reinvent God; in effect to become God. Some would say, the Gospel of Mary is “Scripture” to me, but Paul’s epistles are not. Thus saith the Lord! (me).

Thankfully the New Age religion is reduced in my diocese, but the mentality of “everyone is God” is still hinted in some Catholic circles, much more so in Protestant and secular circles. Meditation, or spirituality, are now regarded as goals in themselves. This kind of supernatural manipulation is the dominant magic of 2013.

Magic is the realm of the devil. In the past he may have had more power than he does now. Recall Satan tempting Jesus in the desert, claiming all these kingdoms are mine. The death and resurrection of Jesus overthrew the sin of Adam, and it’s consequences. The devil is thus weaker than he was in the past. The apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus expresses this concept; Jesus goes to hell and frees Adam. Defeating the devil and his reign.:thumbsup:

Obviously much knowledge has been lost to the sands of time. Much more has likely been destroyed by Christians and Muslims who condem its use and have at various times persecuted its practitioners. Lastly, in today’s cynical, scientific world even a legitimate act of magic is imediately dismissed by people.

Those people who practice legitimate magic today (as opposed to stage magic) do not attempt to do anything so radical. Modern witches don’t believe magic can be used (atleast by humans) to do something as radical as say call down a lightning bolt. Most modern magic users use a very shamatic style of magic, not anything like the wand waving Harry Potter stuff.

Lastly, I think it’s pretty unlikely that the magic contest between Moses and Pharos magicians actualy happened as they did, if it all. If any human has ever had the ability to turn a rod to a snake that knowledge has been lost to the ages.


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