Why don't we see events like those in the book of ACTS anymore?


In the book of ACTS you saw the apostles have almost super powers (given by Christ of course). Whenever I read the account of the couple that did not give everything to the apostles therefore dropping dead, I think, why isn’t it that way anymore.

*disclaimer…I am glad it isn’t that way because I would be dead


Perhaps miracles are there but you fail to recognize them. 24 years ago, God so fit to lift me out of the gutter and do for me what I could not do for myself - remove my addiction to alcohol and bring me back into His fold. In my mind, that was truly a miracle. Look closely at those around you. Miracles abound among them.


Hi Suupah,

Well, the infant Church needed a boost, did it not? God saw fit to work many miracles to help establish His Church.

But miracles do still happen. When you consider all the people canonized by the Church, you have to realize that “first class” miracles were needed to proceed to their canonization. Then there is Lourdes and other sanctuaries. Blessed Brother André in Montreal (died 1937) worked hundred of miracles everyone could see. ILf you go to St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal or to St.Anne’s in Beaupré, you can see hundreds of crutches and orthopedic devices that people have left after being cured.

But, as hinted above, the mosts astoundng miracles happen inside people, where God has worked on their hearts and minds.

And the greatest miracle of all, the Eucharist, happens every day.



I agree with Verbum that powerful miracles happen every day. Google “Padre Pio” for example. If only 1/2 of what they write is true, it is still unbelievable.

Hey geezerbob - thanks for sharing your testimony. My FIL lost his battle with alcohol and I know how it truly is “a day at a time”. I’ll add a prayer for you tonight.:hug1:


Love the Question ! But if you will note at the time of Acts there were no scripts of the New Testament. Only word of mouth. And then Writings began but mostly letters to each church started by the apostles. Now without any publications such as you and I get to so enjoy they needed so much more to begin this fire.

I equate to starting your grill, Man I use special coals, then fire starter and about a full box of matches. But once the fire is started all i need is oxygen and then that bad boy gets hot.

And so at the beginning of the New testament is the same. However we stand in a better place as Christ himself said:
"Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”


Man, great post! I will add that if you could talk to the normal Pharisaic (in the popular sense) Jew of the aposotlic age, they might very well say that no miracles were occuring then either. That’s just conjecture on my part, but seeing the miraculous requires a certain amount of faith.


We also have to take into consideration that the book of Acts didn’t tell us what happened every day in the early church. Those things took place over many years. It also seems to be a retelling of what happened from Paul mostly to Luke, the writer, so Paul and anyone else who contributed to it would have naturally told about all the miracles because those miracles are very convincing in evangelism.

So, in my expert opinion, lol, I would say the same things happen today, just as they did back then because the Spirit never left. People are still healed today, devils are still cast out, people still speak in other tongues as the spirit gives them utterance.

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