Why dose God torture Himself so?


God wants us intensely in Heaven, yet, here we are on Earth, and we don’t all go to Holy Communion. And many are in Purgatory. And even more are in Hell. Why dose God torture Himself so?


Free will is the awesome gift that God gave us (though frankly, I wish he hadn’t!!!). It’s one of the things that make us most like God. With that free will, we choose to go to Heaven or Hell. So basically, it was alot of self-sacrifice on God’s part to give us free will. He wants us to be in heaven with him, but sometimes we CHOOSE to turn away. In purgatory, our love for God is made perfect, here’s an example:

               St. Therese's sister was trying to help her understand what heaven was like. The idea she was trying to give, wasw that we would be full of joy. The question came up as to whether saints and normal people experienced the same amount of happiness~ to demonstrate, Therese's sister filled up a big glass and a sewing thimble with water, all the way to the top. She then asked Therese if either on of the container coulkd hold a drop more; Therese' promptly answered no. 

      This is how people are in heaven. The normal people are like the thimbles, they are filled with love to their capacity, holy people have a larger capacity, and they are also fille dwith love ot their capacity. Purgatory is a way of perfecting that, how much love we can hold.....that's how i see it, hoped htis helped!


Well said, 4everjustjesus. :thumbsup: Free will seems to complicate God’s “life” (so-to-speak) more than anything else. The hallmark of true love is allowing the beloved the freedom to reject that love, even if it causes the lover much pain. God does not cast people out; they cast Him out! That is why hell is referred to as the absence of God. That terrible place was created for Satan and his demons - not us. But since many of us choose a life without God, well, that is the only alternative. He could take away our free will at any moment, but He decides not to, because He wants our love for Him to be genuine and uncoerced.


Well, I think an important thing to keep in mind… is that suffering (including torture) entered the world, through the sin of human beings.

It is sobering, when you stop and realize that WE are the cause of God’s “torture”. He doesn’t choose torture. :nope: This thought should shock each and every one of us, into repentance and sadness. Especially, when we see Our Blessed Lord Jesus… nailed to the Cross. Our sins put Him there. :frowning:


God puts up with us because sometimes, we do figure things out and we do give Him the praise and worship that He deserves. It is like a parent who finally sees their child take their first steps, or one who gets around to saying, Dad, I love you. Thanks for taking care of me.



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