Why dose Our Lady wear a veil?

That’s my question. Now, I can understand the moral and cultural reasons, i.e., Mary wishes to teach us that God is so holy that the seraphim cover themselves in His Presence and sing “Holy, holy, holy” and so we must be humble and holy before the Lord, and Mary probably wore a veil during her life, most lilely becuase she was a consecrated virgin. But I don’t understand the theological reason, or any other reason, for Marian apparitions wearing a veil?

maybe she just doesn’t tan well :shrug:

ya know, some people get really red instead of tanned.

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In a word…Modesty

I think it is really just a symbol of Mary.

if she weren’t wearing a veil, we would not recognize her as much. :thumbsup:

It was a custom to wear veils in her time. Remember the sun was really hot and it must get cold at night.

Just last night when I went out at night I wore a veil on my head to protect my hair from the night dew.

I am sure she kept her body covered up to keep the sun from burning her skin too.

Yup, the veil was a common article of clothing for women all over the world throughout the ages.

Yes, modesty and humility. In the days in which Our Lady lived on the earth… it was customary to cover their heads… out of a deep respect for God. Both men and women, did this.

This is why nuns wear veils and why women, in general used to wear hats, mantillas or “chapel caps” to Mass (something, I personally… wouldn’t mind getting back to :o ).

Nowadays, men will remove their hats when entering a Catholic Church… out of respect for God. Although, I believe that Jewish men still cover their heads, in the Synagogue.

Married Jewish women covered their heads. Some still do today.


One of my favorite paintings of Our Lord teaching in the Temple.

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