Why Drug Addicts Are Getting Sterilized for Cash

Chavarria had the procedure done after meeting with Project Prevention, a North Carolina-based charity that gives drug addicts $300 if they go on long-term birth control or undergo sterilization. The aim of Barbara Harris, 57, the organization’s controversial founder, is to prevent addicts from having children they can’t care for and reduce the number of babies born exposed to drugs. “Even if their babies are fortunate enough not to have mental or physical disabilities, they’re placed in the foster care system and moved from home to home,” she says. “What makes a woman’s right to procreate more important than the right of a child to have a normal life?” It’s an issue near and dear to Harris: she has adopted four children born to the same crack-addicted woman in Los Angeles.

Established in 1997, Project Prevention has so far worked with 3,371 addicts in the U.S. Of those, 1,253 have opted for tubal ligations or vasectomies. After getting in touch with the organization by calling its toll free hotline (888-30-CRACK), prospective participants must mail in arrest records or official letters from social workers to confirm they have drug problems. Those opting for IUDs or surgical implants receive $100 when the device is inserted and $100 more six months and a year later if the device is still in use. Harris depends on donations to keep the operation going, and word-of-mouth among addicts to find clients. But she also advertises her program by driving around the U.S. in a 30-foot motor home plastered with photos of a dead infant, a razor blade, a line of crack and a pacifier, along with the message: “Some things just don’t belong together.”


Wow, that’s… going a bit far I think. But the programs is successful enough that its founder is looking to expand it to the UK.

This is a bad and desperate response to a very serious problem that has been around for a long time and although sterilization is out of the question, I do think laws need to change so that women and/or men who parent these children receive long jail sentences if they damage the child and the child is born with major birth defects.

People may say that will lead to more abortion but abortions should be illegal and this is a separate matter.

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