Why Early Church Fathers are Important!


Some time ago, in another thread, I forget where, someone had asked why the Early Church Fathers are important. I was working on updating the web page below into the wee hours of the morning as I was falling asleep. I had since forgot about it before actually uploading the updates. So, for whoever is interested you can see it updated here, and especially consider section :

C. Explaining Why History is Important !



Thank you very much. Excellent writing.

I especially liked the link from Steve Ray about “Bible Questions.” Excellent!

** We also gratefully and reverently use the labors of the fathers who by their commentaries have profitably clarified many passages of the Scripture. And we confess that we are greatly confirmed by the testimonies of the ancient church in the true and sound understanding of the Scripture. ** -Martin Chemnitz


This is very helpful, I was looking for some online resources with translations of the Church Fathers as hardback translations tend to be expensive on Amazon.


We have a Protestant, vehemently anti-Catholic friend of the R.C. Sproul variety who has been trying to get us to “see the light” for the last few weeks regarding the “false religion with a false gospel” whose response when my husband told him he needed to read the early church fathers was, “I don’t need any early church to tell me what the Bible says.”

Incidentally, my husband found a YouTube video today of R.C. Sproul himself talking about how EVERY Christian should familiar himself with the writings of the early church. Imagine our surprise when the early church fathers he referred to were Augustine, John Calvin, and Jonathan Edwards!! :eek::shrug:

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