Why Elton John is Considered a Danger to Egypt


Elton John is due to give a private concert in Egypt later this month. Or rather, he was, until the Egyptian musicians’ union stepped in.

Mounir al-Wasimi, head of the union, announced on Sunday that he is “co-ordinating” with the authorities to stop the concert going ahead because Elton John is gay, believes Jesus was gay too, and has been critical of organised religions.

Of course, all societies have rules. In many ways, life in Britain and the rest of Europe is far more regulated than it is in the Arab countries but there is a major difference in the types of things that are regulated. In Arab countries, regulation is still very much focused on “morality” and ensuring compliance with the expected norms of personal behaviour – territory that western societies, on the whole, no longer regard as a legitimate concern of the state. Indeed, far from fearing “discord”, many in the west welcome the colour and diversity that differences bring

Well, I'm sure ole Elton had a hissy fit over that disinvite.
No one will miss anything anyway. I heard him sing "Tiny Dancer" recently on a show and his voice is totally gone.

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