Why Eucharistic miracles are not famous?

I’ve just read about recent Eucharistic miracles.
They all say the same, heart tissue, AB positive, heart is still alive, signs of great pain etc.
My question is now, how come it is not famous and over the news? If its a miracle proven by scientists how come very little news agencies is mentioning that?

Second, one skeptical person commented he/she cannot find any studies.
I’ve tried google it, but could not find. Where can we find sources of those scientific studies?

There is none so blind as those who will not see.


We could have scientists prove this stuff 10 times over and it would still never make the news because people would assume it was phony and preposterous and simply gross.


Lancino is the best known Eucharistic Miracle. Names of researchers, etc are in this article



thers one here

“Why Eucharistic miracles are not famous?”

Due to lack of promotion and advertisements, as well as poor marketing strategies. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Kidding aside, I don’t see the need for the Eucharistic miracles to be famous. I mean, for what purpose? To get more people to believe in the transubstantiation?
I tell you, for those who believe, no miracle is needed; and for those who don’t believe, even if you present all the evidence in the world to them, they would still find all kinds of (lame) excuses just to prove themselves right.

“Lord, I believe; help me with my unbelief.”

Peace to all!


The suppression of such news by the mainstream media.

Just think about Fatima’s Miracle of the Sun that occurred in October 1917. Thousands of people witnessed it and it was reported by the local newspapers but the story was never picked up by the major wire services or the major newspapers like the Times of London or the New York Times.

More often than not, Eucharistic miracles reinforce the faith of those who already believe.

I visited two Eucharistic miracles while on a pilgrimage in Italy. Some time after returning home I gave a day retreat to a group of Secular Franciscans who were mesmerized and delighted by the presentation. Preaching to the choir, as we say. Someone who is not a Christian would likely have dismissed it all.

The only distinctive example of someone being truly convicted by something like this that comes to mind is one of the original members of the team investigating the Shroud of Turin, who was Jewish and then became Catholic through the study of the Shroud.

And, we know there are plenty of people who think the Shroud is a fake. I like how Benedict XVI referred to it as “an icon written in blood.”

Skeptics will always find a way to rationalize their thinking.

We see the proof of that as Jesus raises Lazarus, and of course, in His own Paschal Mystery. "Even if a man should rise from the dead . . . "

Deacon Christopher

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