Why evil in the world? Again . . .

Why is there evil in the world?

  1. Because men have yet to decide conclusively if evil actually exists, and so they do nothing about it.
  2. Because God is longsuffering and is waiting to destroy temporality altogether until we repent.
  3. Because God suffered first . . .(A metaphysical extravaganza!).

What sayest thou?

Because we live in a fallen world.:shrug:

Because we choose to do evil.:frowning:

Because Satan, like a roaring lion, goes about seeking whom he may destroy.:eek:

Because we live in a fallen world?

Firstly, because we were given free will, secondly, because we have a concupiscient nature, and thirdly, because we’re being attacked by the forces of evil.

Because when God gave us free will, He gave us the power to choose.

But first we need to back up. Why did God give us free will? God wants to test us to see if we are worthy of seeing His Face. We become more worthy of seeing His Face as we make the right decisions. The right decision in any given situation proves our love for God more, another decision leads us away from God more. The latter is where evil comes about. The greater show of love is when we do it through free will. What good is it to create something that will automatically “love” us like a set machine? That isn’t true love.

Evil is caused by man. Man can choose to do good, but sometimes he chooses to do evil. For example, some choose to disbelieve in God. Disbelief in God is evil, a sin against the First Commandment. Another example, some choose to steal. Stealing is evil, an immoral act against the Natural Law. A third example, some atheists choose to steal. The atheist can’t blame a being who dose not exist for his choosing to steal, that is, he cannot blame God for his evil doing.

origanal sin was the eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. to know in the biobical sense means to enter into and become one in union. in eating of the fruit we entered into union with good and evil so that both exist in the human soul. this causes us to exist in a state of hypocrisy (hypocrites were the only ones who angered jesus). we are pulled in two different directions love and hate or life and death. it is only through jesus that this hypocrisy is removed from our souls by the indwelling of the holy spirit. humans engage in evil and good becuse both impulses tell us it is the right way. evil by saying it is good for us that we will have our desires fullfilled which is a lie becuse after the 5 seconed orgasim, the thrill of the kill or what have you the desire returns it is never fullfiled. To seek to do goo is the only thing that will satisfy our desires becuse the ultimite good is love which has no end it is eternal while hate/evil is nihalism which will never satisfy. people do evil becuse they do not know any better as jesus said when he hung from the cross the ultimate sighn of goods goodness and mankinds evil “forgive them father THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”

Evil exists because of the actions of free creatures. Disobedience to God causes moral evil (the actions themselves) and leads to more evil, for example, murder causes physical evil (suffering and death), and, metaphysical evil (demons) tempt man to commit more evil. The angels disobeyed and they became demons. Man disobeyed and he brought unto himself physical evil, for he lost the gift of immortality which God had given to him. Man blames God for every evil, because he can’t bear the blame himself. Man says evil disproves God’s existence, because he can’t see the cause of evil. This argument is so old that it is recorded in Genesis: Adam blamed Eve for his sin, and she in turn blamed the devil for her sin.

Are you familiar with Romans 5?

This: that evil is not rational, and cannot be accounted for by reason - which means the question has no answer. It can be encountered, but not accounted for.

As to whether in any sense God can be said to suffer, or how - :shrug::confused::shrug:

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