Why follow a religion made up by Martin Luther in 1500 and not Christ himself?


I will never understand why protestants and other shootoffs from Catholisism, want to follow a religion made up by Martin Luther in the 1500’s? JESUS did not start The Protestant religion, but The Catholic religion. We have an unbroken link dating back 2,000 years in which noone else can claim. JESUS did not start 33,000 denominations with contradictory beliefs. Bishop from bishop, pope to pope, 265 of them later, all the way to St. Peter himself. I am grateful I know the truth and The Blessed Mother. She is appearing everywhere and people are ignoring her calls. We will never be at peace because of this.
Everyone knows The King James Bible has many errors, yet they ignore that fact. King Henry was a mad man, beheaded 3 of his wives, yet he started The Church of England. Why follow it? there are many people who are coming home to Rome because they know the true religion. There are 1.5 Billion of us for a reason. I love the authority in my church, the strict doctrines, the Holy Mass, The Real Presence. It is very Holy, it isn’t cheap grace.


Actually, you guys broke off from the Orthodox Church in the eleventh century.

You guys were the first Protestants.


I don’t know what kind of answer you’re looking for, but I know at least in my experience, I had a lot of family connections to the Anglican Church (my family knows the soon to be former presiding Bishop), and as bad a Catholic as this may make me, was something that I wrestled with before deciding that the Catholic Church was right. I am still unable to tell other Anglicans to “just become Catholic” though. Maybe in the beginning some people followed their religions out of fear, and it just never left their family. Maybe they’ve been taught bad misconceptions about the Catholic Church and are unable to reconcile with it (wasn’t my experience, but I know a lot of other people have come to the Church after having many misconceptions about what it really teaches).


You might try understanding Protestantism before you attack it. Martin Luther did not make up our religion. Our religion is Christianity, not Protestantism. The various forms of Protestantism are simply variants of Christianity, of no more intrinsic importance than religious orders or theological schools within Catholicism.

The question is not “why be Protestant instead of Catholic” but “why give up our specific traditions rather than incorporating them into the broader stream of Christian faith”?



They don’t like the authority of the Church.


you know this because? :confused:
It’s a bit more complicated I’m afraid.


Stefany, this sounds more like a rant than truly wanting to understand. I am glad you love your church. Bless you.

My :twocents: :

If you read the Augsburg Confession and the Examination of the Council of Trent, you will learn why people continue to believe what Lutheranism

Also, consider that people following their faith traditions
-may have been born into it and it’s all they’ve known.
-may sincerely believe that tradition
-may not have considered Catholicism for whatever reason
-may not see a reason to be Catholic
-may have studied things out and have come to a different conclusion than Catholics

Taking the step to understand where others are coming from is one step toward being able to share your faith in a charitable manner.


Good for you, God will bless you in whatever way…i love my current church and even though i attend RCIA i never have that move to become a Catholic even at this point in time, to me i am so bless by God for he answer to all my prayers and request and that is sufficient for me to know that God never forsake a sinner like me


Jesus never started a church named the catholic church. Nor was Peter ever a Pope. The catholic church started at the time of constantine. Early church member writings that used the word catholic does no way prove that they started the roman catholic church.


Not all but some of them left for few reasons of many reasons:

  • to divorce and remarried.
  • to have abortion and birth control
  • to stay away from many rules
  • to think that those Jesus’s apostles did not have authority to forgive sins; therefore, they only want to confess “straight” to God.
  • to say that the Eucharist is just a symbol not the body and blood of Christ.
  • to consider all the Holy souls in Heaven can’t hear their prayer because they are dead and that the Holy souls cannot interceed for us.
  • to deny the role of Virgin Mary.


So you are saying (incorrectly i might add) that the Church had only been around for 1,000 years when Luther et al made up their Church’s?

For the first 1,500 years of its existence there was no dispute that The catholic church was the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ itself. Even the Orthodox Church, which split around 1,000 acknowledgers this although they dispute who left whom.

To believe in Protestantism on much believe that Jesus allowed his Church to be in error for 1,500 years. one must also believe that instead of a universal TRUTH there are some 30,000 different versions of the TRUTH. o thanks-ill stick with the One True Church founded by Jesus Christ himself.


What history book are you getting this rubbish from? If you want to make the claim that Constantine started the CC, please back it up. Jesus said to Peter, “You are Peter and upon this rock, I will build my church.”


Is this what your pastors teach you?? Of course Jesus started the Catholic Church. Only The Catholic Church has existed since the time of Jesus. Every other Christian Church is an offshoot of The Catholic Church. The Eastern Orthodox Church broke off from unity with The Pope in 1054. The protestant Churches were established during The Reformation, which began in 1517. Only the Catholic Church existed in the tenth century, in the fifth century, and in the first century, faithfully teaching THE DOCTRINES GIVEN BY CHRIST TO THE APOSTLES, omitting nothing. The line of popes can be traced back, IN UNBROKEN SUCCESSION, TO PETER HIMSELF. THIS IS UNEQUALED BY ANY INSTITUTION IN HISTORY. Read (2Tim2:2).
You are being misled. Constantine was a Catholic convert. He built the Church of The Holy Seplechure in Israel.


I like ice-cream. Any other fans here :slight_smile:


I see you are still promoting the Constantine conspiracy theory. :rolleyes:

Most protestants do not even accept this–I recommend that you pursue another angle. :tiphat:


It is quite a strecth to contend that a Pagan founded the Catholic Church…


I do follow Christ. I have accepted Him as my Savior I have been born of the Spirit and I follow God’s commands(not all the time since Im still a sinner:o ) I happen to do that in a non-denom church.

I was born and raised episcopalian then as a teen left(no surprise there), then married a non-practicing catholic in my episcopal church.
I then went church hopping and landed in a baptist church–they taught what I believed and I became saved there.:smiley: :thumbsup: The church had pastoral problems and people were leaving. I stuck it out for awhile but I wasnt being spiritually fednor were my children.:frowning:

I am now at my non-denom church where I am flourishing as a christian. I have been studying the bible for 3 years and have grown by leaps and bounds. BTW–so have my children(jury still out on my son:eek: )

I have been learning about catholocism here since April and I have learned so much. However, nothing I have learned has convinced me that the RCC has the fullness of truth. Anyone that knows me here knows that I have asked alot of questions and have been open-minded, but when I compare what I have learned here with my bible, it just doesnt add up. I appreciate people taking their time and being kind with me. I think what I take away from being on this forum is not to be anti-catholic. I really was before and probably still am to the point I dont believe much of the same thing you guys do.

I have found myself defending the CC to CATHOLICS:eek: Ive said it before, catholics that I speak to barade the CC. I think if the CC could work from within with their own congregation us protestants wouldnt be hearing all these horrible things about the CC.:eek: My bias came from catholics and some personal experience with the CC.

Anyway, back to topic, I dont follow Martin Luther I follow Christ and the living breathing love letter He sent us–the bible.:smiley:


Why do you prefer a man-made church to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Christ – God Himself --Second Person of the Blessed Trinity – for the salvation of the world?

The famous English writer G.K. Chesterton, when asked why he became a Catholic, answered: “To get my sins forgiven.”

Peace to all, Katholikos


There is no such church as the Roman Catholic Church. The Church of Rome is a diocese within the Catholic Church… the Roman Rite is the Western Rite of the Catholic Church. Constantine did no such thing as to start ANY church, he simply attributed his military victories to Christ and the Christians and thus issued the Edict of Milan which changed the Empire’s official status of persecuting Christians. Constantine did not even become a Christian till he was on his deathbed!

Protestants often use the red herring of calling the Catholic Church the “Roman Catholic Church” as if that is her official name. It is not, and it was a name given to the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church during the time of the Reformation, the time of your fathers.

Our fathers were (in no specific order) Justin Martyr, Ignatius of Antioch, John Chrysostom, Gregory the Great, Clement of Rome, Cyril of Alexandria, etc.

We can compare the writings of these Church Fathers to what each specific Christian Church teaches today, and the Catholic Church comes out as the clear “winner”.

God Bless!


Constantine converted on his deathbed and is reverred as a Saint in the Eastern Christian religions.

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