Why Fox News Remains Dominant in the Ratings

The reason why FOX NEWS isn’t as dominant as it once was at times has to do mostly with people getting their news from social media and because of the divisive presidential primary, not because all of a sudden people love CNN or MSNBC.

So out of 5 questions, on average, NO ONE could answer more than 1.9. Seems to me all of them are stupid.

I love to see a list of the questions?

Ah, yes, the pollsters’n’pundits:

“Romney in a landslide”

“GOP wave isn’t happening”

“95% chance Clinton wins…Clinton +12 in general”.

Naturally, the exact methodology and the questions weren’t reported on.

What did they ask? Is Obama the best president ever?

I looked at the study. The actual results showed weren’t impressive on either side and in every category the participants were in. Some questions the Republicans answered correctly more, some less, and some were equal compared to Democrats.

But nice try, grace.

bold: click on "Fox News and MSNBC have a negative impact … " that links to the study. Or just click here: publicmind.fdu.edu/2012/confirmed/

The overall results were abysmal across the board. The highest scoring, NPR, had its listeners .5ish better than Fox’s 1.04ish. I’m not sure how they calculated the numbers they did when breaking down sole viewership to one particular network since the only question that resembled it was asking where each political ideology got their information where the breakdown showed multiple sources. Not one question asked what was formed into the headline.

Yes,it would seem it isn’t the Fox News viewership that is uninformed.:wink:

Can I ask a totally legit question?

How is Fox not part of the “mainstream media” themselves, when they have the highest ratings and viewership?

I mean, that’s what mainstream means.

No, no no. Mainstream means left-wing only. If you are not left wing, then you are alt-right.

My husband answered a phone call just the other day,it was a poll and the first question was" do you think our Country is moving in the right direction?“
He answered,” I don’t know how I would begin to answer that,what kind of a question is this,anyway?"
The woman on the other end said to my husband,.
, “Quit acting so ignorant” then she hung up on him.:stuck_out_tongue:
Pretty telling,I would say.:wink:

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