Why God choose Mary to be The Mother Of Jesus?

I want to know some opinions for the question, Why God choose that Jesus born from a Women, that is nothing impossible for him, the same way Jesus went to Heaven after raise from Dead, He could come in any form, maybe as baby, or a 10 year old, or he could come when he was 30…Why he want to have more people involved and for what? Why the Men-God need a Mother?

To be a true human, you need to be born from a woman. Jesus came to us in the flesh, not just as a spirit. He was 100% human and 100% God, and you can’t be 100% human without being born from a woman. God made a virgin give birth, I think that’s enough of a miracle and we don’t have to look for more.

That’s my take on it.

IMO God wanted to share in our humanity in order to interact with us as something other than a burning bush or whatever.

I agree with you, But again that is nothing that God can do, He could sent Jesus as a Human, you think he is not able to do that? But he choose a Women to be the place where he will take that Human form, so the question is more focus on our protestant brothers that seems to believe that Mary was just a regular women favored by God, but it does not play any important role, even on Christmas they let her out of the picture

Eastern Christians call Mary “more spacious than the heavens”, because she carried God in her womb. This is a beautiful image and it has helped me along in my understanding of Mary, and I think one who has been honored by God in this way should definitely not be overlooked, especially at Christmas.

I would tend to disagree with this statement, because Adam was a human and he was not born of a women. John the baptist said that God could make a descendant of Abraham come from stones. I think it was necessary so that he would be viewed as a decedent of David by the Jews. This is one of the reasons that the lineage in the gospel of Matthew is so important.

That is beautiful. Luther referred to Mary as “second only to Christ” the Queen of Heaven.

I think that the point is that God wanted to come to us as demonstrably human. Just appearing as a human baby would not have the same authenticity as being born into a family. Also there is the all important lineage. As we heard in the Gospel of Matthew on the Vigil of Christmas the genealogy of Jesus, a very important matter since the Christ was to be a descendant of David, thus being a descendant of Abraham. This all has to do with the prophesy from the Old Testament, the Christ was indeed foretold in the Hebrew Scripture and these things did indeed need to “come to pass.”

thank you, DCNBILL ,For my that show the Importance of Our Lady, for sure not just a regular Women, The most Blessing Women of all the times, and forever the Mother of Jesus. for me God though about Mary from the creation, that is why the Prophets talk about her, and the Messiah, Our Lord and King Jesus.


He had to be our actual kin to be our kinsman redeemer, and had to come from a specific lineage in both His maternal and adoptive paternal line.

Kinsman redeemer ohh how I love the many names of Yeshua. The strength within Jesus was foreshadowed in the character of Boaz

Genesis 3:15 for starters :cool:


He didn’t chose her. She was created by God for that very purpose.

Even better He chose to be born of her whom He had created.

Could it possibly have something to do with a “new heavens and a new earth”?

A new creation?

And perhaps a new Eve(mother of all the living) to be a partner and help-mate of the New Adam?

To possess a fully human nature, you would have to start from the beginning, from conception.

This is a very good video with shows Mary’s importance.


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