Why God doesn't heal Dementia,Paraplegia etc?


Sometimes I feel cynical about Christianity like when I see those evangelical types praying and hoping for a miracle for things such as Dementia,Paraplegia or similar incurable things and i know it’s wrong but I almost think like “you can keep praying but God is never going to heal them/you”.
I almost feel angry at their pastors etc for offering them false hope.

It makes me have doubts in Christianity all together because in the bible Jesus used to heal things that others couldn’t but doesn’t do it anymore today.
I don’t know if God can’t,or he just won’t anymore.

I know a few people will point to Catholic Miracles but these are far and few in between,and to be honest I have never heard of something incurable being healed like Dementia.
I have heard of Cancer being healed through supposed miracles but tumours can sometimes even go away on their own.

The Catholic view is usually abut suffering,but what about when that suffering is no longer redemptive and just lead the individuals away from God instead of closer to God?

Christianity talks about hope but why give people hope if it’s unrealistic?


Human sinfulness is root cause of sickness & suffering &
sin abounds today it seems. So their isn’t much healing
curing taking place


Maybe this is the case for some things like Fetal Alcohol syndrome but I don’t think Dementia or Paraplegia are caused by sin.


Ha ! Bad genes are caused by others prior sins


I believe genetic breakdown is the result of sin - that all of God’s creation suffers from sin - a breakdown of His initial perfect creation. The sin of Adam and Eve got the ball rolling, so to speak. That said, I also believe God still performs miracles, perhaps not so dramatic as in Christ’s time. His miracles to were show that he was the Son of God and to give testimony that He was who He said He was.


i doubt that

“bad genes” are anamolies in our species

some win, some lose

go to confession & pray for a “happy death”

  1. We are not home - this earth is a pilgrimage.
  2. Dementia and Alzheimer’s may be seen as blessings, since the patient does not have the ability to mortally sin. Think about that.
  3. We are healed or not healed according to His will. Our job is to seek His will.
  4. Suffering is an absolute blessing. No? We are guaranteed suffering, and only Catholics and Orthodox know its purpose, value and what to do with it. Remember that cross that we must first take up before following Christ? (Luke 9:23) The cross of suffering!
  5. If we do not suffer, as members of Christ’s mystical body, we will not have the crown of glory in heaven! (Romans 8:17)
  6. Therefore, ask for the grace to desire suffering!
  7. Life and pain are short. Eternity and beatific bliss are long.


So,is suffering from God or is it just “random bad luck” (ie:bad genes)?
I find it hard to see that it could be both.


Nothing is random. We suffer for eternal and divine reason.

The great Saints enjoyed suffering for their love of God.

Although probably unrealistic, that is my goal.


It does often seem random though because some people seem to have very little suffering-eg:many singers have a lot of wealth and blessed with great genes and seem to be blessed (in this life at least).


we’ll just deal with this depressing issue when it is forced upon us

i’d like a little time to get squared away w/Jesus before the carpentry box work begins


“I tell you, they have received their reward” (Matthew 6:1-16)


Thanks Po18guy.Isnt this passage though about people who pray “for show” (to gain others good impressions)?


What sin causes childhood lukemia or the various ailments with which babies can be born?


It’s clear that those things that can be cured by prayer match up with those things that the body can heal itself.

One of the classic examples of this is amputees.

  1. Many amputees have prayed to have limbs restored or to gain limbs where they never had them. The same is true for those who’ve lost their eyes or never had them.

  2. There are those who haven’t lost limbs or eyes but have lost the use of those parts. Some of them have prayed to be able to have them restored to their original functionality. A fraction of those who have prayed have had some or all of their functionality restored. Of the ones that prayed and have gotten what they wanted they claim God answered their prayers.

  3. We know through scientific study that the body has the capability on its own of restoring some functionality to damage limbs and eyes.

  4. Some will claim that the reason why amputees never get their prayers answered is because God wants them to focus on bigger things or it’s not part of God’s plan; but this completely ignores the people who (like in point 2) say they have gotten restored functionality through prayer. In other words, as the character Bob Cratchitt once said God is the one, “who made lame beggars walk, and blind men see.” And even though a prayer by a person with non-working legs should be just as likely to have his or her legs restored as a person with no legs making the same prayer, only the former have even the hope of a yes response.


Well, public figures are well rewarded in this life. The next? Maybe not so much. Still, the individual suffering we are allowed to have has the ultimate purpose of humbling us, of compelling us to ask for grace, and of getting us into heaven. We are asked to offer that suffering for the sake of others - it is when we suffer and offer our suffering for others that we are most Christ-like.

We must never forget that we are parts - members - of Christ’s body. We must make up in our bodies that which may be added to the sufferings of Christ for the sake of His Body, the Church (Colossians 1:24 and following).


@Rozellelily , you ask , “Why God doesn’t heal Dementia,Paraplegia etc?”

Maybe God does in some cases .

But the only honest answer I can give is I don’t know .


Because we’re not intended to exist in this world forever and we have to die from something or another.

Our suffering is a way of imitating Christ, which is an honor the angels don’t enjoy.

This is the hardest topic there is.


Sadly,I think this is true.
Personally,I am Catholic baptised and do believe in God (although my faith wavers) but I think if God exists the Catholics have got it right about suffering and the cross.
Evangelicals etc just offer their Church goers false hope and delusion with their emotion filled “healing nights” (Imo).


This! :point_up_2: So relieved to see that at least someone understands this! Wish everybody did, but the vast majority find this truth to be so unpalatable that they will never, ever accept it.

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