Why God let sinners born if he knew eventually those sinners would suffer in hell?


Hello everybody, I’m new here and I also have a newbie question I want to ask here.

I assume that God already knows the fate of all man even before they are born. So, why did he let those who are going to hell, born?

I know God gave us man free will and those who are sent to hell is because they are willingly separate themselves from God. But, imagine a father who wishes to train his son how to ride a bicycle and right before he do that an angel of God told him that if he train his kid, he will fell from his bicycle and suddenly a car crashed to him and he died. If I’m that father, I would definitely forget the idea to give my son a bicycle to prevent the accident.

Pardon my bad analogy, but I hope you all get the idea.

So bottom line is, why did God bother to give free will; why did he bother to let the sinners born? Why don’t he just prevent those sinners from being born in order to “save” them?


Free Will is necessary because God desires for us to love Him. Without the ability to chose, we can’t love.

As for why he allowed them to be born, it’s because without them being born, they never would have committed the sins that lead them to Hell, thereby giving God no reason not to create them. It would create a paradox.

It’s also not all about them. They interact with innumerable people, and many of them have children. Their children have children, and on and on. Your position would deny all of those subsequent people the opportunity to accept God’s salvation, the chance to exist. Why should they be punished for the choices of their ancestor?


because he doesnt know until they choose their path. God see all directions a person may take. It is up to the person to drive the car.


Thanks for the reply!

A bit off-topic here. How can we have the ability to freely choose to follow God when anything other than following God means hell? It seems like we are left with no other choice but to follow God. Forced, in other words.


Really? But Jesus correctly predicted Peter would deny him three times before it even happened?


By that logic, then why did God let everyone die except Noah and his family? In the end, it is all made by God so he doesn’t owe us anything. I choose not to question God’s ways but humbly accept what comes my way.


I think I know the answer to that. Because only Noah and his family are righteous in God’s eye.


And yet he let all the others be born.


Oh, I see your point. Thanks!


God is outside of time. Therefore, he can see everything that will ever happen.


Thanks for asking these questions A,these are the sort my children ask also and there are some really good replies I can pass on to them as wel ,well formed .
Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: God bless.


When the mathematical theory of optimization was developed, Libnetz came up with the theory that we live in “the best of all possible worlds.”

When an evil act is committed, this may cause others to act in a more loving way. So the overall “good” in the world may increase because of this action. So God acts to maximize universal good.

“Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.”


I think you’re ‘assuming’ the wrong thing.
I’m not sure though
Saying God knows - a new born baby - is going to Hell - wow !


Yes, I think so too because when I think that God is outside of time and he is beyond human logic, it all start to make sense.


Someone recently told me - that at the hospital -
a demon is there - studying the baby -
And in a short amount of time - the demon knows the child -
better than one’s own mother.
The secret tendencies - and years to come - exploit these habits -

Like a bully - through out school perhaps etc
Or stealing a candy - to more expensive things.


since there are people in hell and they choice to be there, yes


Christ picked the right path that Peter would take.


Preventing someone’s existence because you know they’ll choose to do something bad is an unjust punishment. They’re being punished for something they would have done, but haven’t yet, and it’s not just to punish someone for a crime (or sin) that hasn’t been committed.


You always have a choice of doing either God’s will, or not doing it. For those who sincerely want to please God, there is no other choice, but that doesn’t mean we never fail at pleasing God. When we sin, our relationship with God is damaged, but we can be restored again by repenting of our sin from the heart. When we choose to sin without repentance, sin becomes habitual, and we begin to disregard the eternal consequences of sin without repentance, only then do we choose Hell. There is no third choice, or an in between choice, its either hot or cold, no lukewarm.


Then by that time Peter had chosen his path for that moment.

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