Why God permits suffering to humankind

God is not to blame for the problems that plague humankind. There are valid reasons to believe that God will soon undo that harm bought on the human family. God has abundant power and invites us to pour out our heart before him Psalm 62:8. Who, though, is to blame when someone gets sick or an animal dies? God did not create man to get old and die. When the first human pair, Adam and Eve, were in the Garden of Eden, God gave them the prospect of everlasting life right here on Earth. Yes, that is right, right here on earth as everlasting life that most people think is only achieveable in Heaven, somewhere other then earth? God made their life prospects conditional. Adam and Eve violated this prospect and allowed both good AND evil to enter out live as out forfathers as this is where out seed is from. They lied to God and that is why suffering is permitted, it is from the devil and not God. Jesus was put into this world by God and his seed was from the Holy Spirit so that those exercising faith in him would once again be given the opportunity to live in an everlasting life. God provides the means to redeem mankind from sin and yes, death. The price God paid for this redemption was his only Son Jesus. You know the verse in John, God loved the world so much he gave his only Son not to judge us but to save us from the inflictions from the devil. We can be certain that is God’s due time there will be no more suffering and that mankinds tears will be wiped out from there eye’s. Even if you or a family membery die, God has the power to raise us up from the dead and place us in a paradise where there is no satan influences (the enemey of God) and by exercising faith us and others might experience this and God showed us it can be done by raising Jesus and using Jesus to raise Lazerus from the dead as proof of what is to come. And yes, we are in times that are hard to deal with right now as Satan is running freely among earth until Jesus returns to wipe him out as we read in the Book .
Peace and Love, Tommy

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