Why Greek?

Why do we as Christians use Greek? For examle, “Eucharist”, “Christ”, and “Alpha” and “Omega”. Why not English or Latin or something else?

The obvious reason for using words with a Greek root is that the NT was written in Greek, and the anglicised version of those words have been lifted from the NT.

Not only was the New Testament written in Greek, but Greek was the language of the Roman Empire at the beginning of the New Testament era. Only later did Latin become the common language of the empire.

The mass was originally celebrated in Greek. The only portion of the mass in the West that remains in Greek today is the “Kyrie eleison” (Lord have mercy).

Greek terms in the church are a beautiful tie to our ancient history and a testament to the longevity and the continuity of the church from the time of Jesus until now.

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English theological (and for that matter, scientific) vocabulary has always been based on Greek and Latin words.

Even a lot of Latin theological and ecclesiastical vocabulary is from Greek.

Interesting. Now I see more of why we use Greek.

Culture & history.

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