Why has God been so slow in evangelizing Babylon?

Why has Babylon/China been all over the Bible, but God has yet to fill the people with His love?

Inspired by Book of Daniel (EWTN’s show Diamonds from Daniel)

I never knew that China is in fact Babylon. :confused:Would you care to share how you came up with this particular interpretation?

The series, “diamonds from Daniel on EWTN” stated Babylon is China … But even with history, we see how china invaded Italy forever and has been big part of history.

Other than Marco Polo bring back pasta from China to Italy (allegedly), I’m not sure I recall China invading Italy. ( Except maybe for all the cheap souvenirs in Roman shops!)

:confused::confused::confused:Don’t know China was in tne Bible let alonq that it was Babylon!!! :bigyikes::ehh::hypno:

Me neither! :stuck_out_tongue: :confused:

First I’ ve heard of that interpretation. And I do hate to tell you this but China has never invaded Italy. Even though this series is on EWTN, I somehow doubt that the Catholic Church teaches that Babylon is China. In fact I know that She doesn’t teach that. This interpretation sounds very similar to thousands of other interpretations normally espoused by fundamentalist protestant preachers and groups.

If I were you, I would steer clear of people who present their own personal interpretations of Scripture in this fashion as being factual. These things have a way of ending up very badly and can divide the faithful deeply.

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