Why has God left us?


that is all i want to know.


Has God left you, or have you left him?

God is waiting for you. Just open the door and let him in.


The door is open. No one is there.


waiting for his miracles to see if He is really there?


life is like this. any thing you want. it is only a wish. you can not really have it. i think this is the same for God. He was here. He left. thinking that He comes back is only a wish. i tell my self a lot to stop wanting things i can’t have. God is the same. that is what i think.


maybe sometimes God allows us to feel He is not with us so we will go search Him out even more. we feel He is not there, so we might try to find Him even more.

try reading the bible more, or visiting an adoration chapel. or maybe even volunteering somewhere helping out someone. make time for a good, heartfelt confession.

i am no expert, and cannot say these things will help, but at least it is a starting point.


it is not what i feel. it is what happened. Jesus left. He said He was going to be back. people thought soon. 500 years later people think soon. 1000 years people think soon. now people think soon like a child abandoned. always like to think soon they will be back. i think people want God. i think people need God. i do. i think He has left. i think i want what is not there.


God is here, in my life. He has touched my heart and claimed me for His own - but I’ll admit, He let me take the long route to finding Him!

And Jesus is still here, in the Eucharist. He is with us, we can see and touch Him, even if we must use faith to discern that we touch and taste His Body and Blood. He touches our lives in many ways, but especially through the Sacraments.

May He bless you with faith and consolation.


Jesus is King. a King sees. a King knows. i think Jesus would not watch and do nothing. i think it is easy to see. God grew tired of us. left.


What makes you think He is tired of us?



This is your personal experience, or what you think?

Tell me, where have you looked for God **within **you?

Have you told God you love Him, today?


**He **has not left us… *we *have left Him.


both. God is not in me. i am empty. i do not pray for a long time. i think there is no point.


the world. it is without God. no one cares.



God has not left us. He is there, watching what is going on. Creation is merely playing itself out, as God saw that it would, even before he created it. God created all things for his own glory, including Earth and all of mankind. His creation was good, but was despoiled by sin. But even the evil in this world unwittingly does God’s will, for it is evil that separates the just of this world from the unjust. God will come, and sort things out in the end. His justice will prevail.

God could have come, at anytime, in great power and strength, but it is not his way, as this would have abrogated much of mankind’s free will. Instead, He chose to send his Son, who humbled himself to take on human form and be with us, and to redeem us by his death and resurrection. So the world goes on, the just living among the unjust, and when God deems the time to be right, He will rectify all things.

Your job, and mine, is to remain faithful to God, so that, whether we die before he comes again, or are still here on earth at that time, we may be counted among the just.

May God’s blessing be upon you.


Many people find thier faith tested at times. I hope you will find yours again soon.

Who really know’s God’s plan besides him?


I care. What happened that makes you say these things?

God’s love has healed me more than I ever thought could happen. I was sexually abused as a child, suffered post traumatic stress disorder for fourteen years, am currently suffering from an eating disorder (binge eating) caused by my experiences as a child, and yet I feel more loved by God than I ever have in my entire life because I have suffered as I have. What happened to me was the sin of another, he chose of his free will and caused me to curse God for many years. I often thought of suicide and yet now cannot see how I ever thought that way. God is here, he is found in the people on this forum, He is a part of you and though you do not see it, He weeps for you and for what you feel has caused Him to not be there for you. He longs for you with a passion that is inexplicable. He has created you and has won salvation for you. He died on a cross after suffering all of the sins of the world for you and for me to be with Him in heaven when we die. He is found when we look for him, you can see His glory as the sun rises and sets. You can see His love in small things that make you smile throughout the day, He is happy to make you happy and sad to see you sad. This is not to say that He does not put trials in your path because some things can only be learned once we have been tested in the fires and find out that if we only rely on God and pray to Him and tell Him our troubles that we are as strong as the trials he places in front of us.

Lord God bless Your child, scared and afraid and alone. Let Chromatica feel Your presence, let them feel Your love and Your care for them. Though You should not be tested, I pray that Chromatica is able to find You though You seem far away and I know that You do not desert Your sheep, but come to find them no matter how lost they are. Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.


Ubi Caritas.

God is with us.
If only we can recognize His love.



what happened? i like to hurt myself. to feel pain. i am sad all day. can not stop crying. pain coursing through me. wrapped around me. a thousand razor blades. i think if i don’t feel this i don’t feel at all. i take valum. i can’t eat.

then i come here and read all this that people write. i believe these things. some days. or weeks. my mind does not let me believe. it starts small. i try to pray a novena. i made it 2 days. then i stop. i do not believe what i pray. i abuse my self. i go to mass and go up for communion. i think God does not know what i do. then i think that i should not have gone up. then i start to think that God does not want me. then i am angry and think God does not want me. i don’t want God.

this is how i live. at times i can stay with God for a long time. most days i believe then i feel like i am wrong.

i think for a while that if i was born Catholic i would not do this. i think God made my life. He made it not Catholic. why? i say this to a friend who is Catholic. my friend says i am not so special as that. i then think God did not make my life. He just was not there.

when i can pray i pray that God keeps me with Him. i worry i can not make it back.


From your persistent replies in this thread, it is evident that this is what you feel.

It is in fact, not the Truth. God is, God is Here, God is now-here, not no-where.

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