Why has the crucifix been chosen to represent Catholicism?

I am doing an investigation on the crucifix for a research paper and it would be kind of you to answer my survey questions. Previously I didn’t explain fully that these were survey questions for my paper and some of you got offended that I was using you to do homework and I apologise. It is not a homework task but a research paper and it would be very kind of you to answer these questions:

  1. Why do you think that Catholics use the crucifix rather than the cross as a key symbol of Catholicism? Which do you prefer?

  2. When Jesus was crucified but rose from the dead, his resurrection is a core Catholic belief. So why isn’t a bare cross used instead as it shows that he has risen?

  3. What is your thought or opinion on the resurrection of Jesus, and does it play an important role in your life? If so, how?

  4. In addition to the crucifix, there are other symbols in Catholicism such as the Sacred Heart, Fish, the Dove, Scared Lamb and Crossed Keys. Why aren’t one of these symbols used to represent Catholicism? Do you prefer one these symbols over the crucifix?

  5. How important is it for Catholics to attend or be involved in Good Friday and Easter? How about you?

  6. Which Catholic event is more important or significant, Good Friday or Easter?

  7. Are there other Catholic events and celebrations that are more important than both Good Friday and Easter?

In addition, it would be kindly appreciated if you could suggest ideas on what else I could talk about or research about the crucifix. Are there any other important information needed about the crucifix?

The crucifix represents his unity with all humanity still suffering in all kinds of ways. It is a symbol of his solidarity with us. And it explicitly reminds us of his sacrifice.

We as Catholics know that there would never have been an Easter Sunday if there hadn’t been a Good Friday.

The truth of Catholicism is the Eucharist.

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