Why hasn't the Ignatius Bible (RSV-2CE) been approved by the USCCB?


Looking at the current list of approved English language translations of the Holy Bible by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) for private use and study ( usccb.org/bible/approved-translations/ ), I noticed that none of the editions of the Ignatius Bible (RSV-2CE) have yet to receive the stamp of approval from the USCCB.

Why is that? Since the RSV-2CE was first published in 2006, shouldn’t it have received approval from the USCCB by now for private use and study by Catholics?


Isn’t that the version quoted in the English version of the Catholic Catechism. Maybe the USCCB is presuming people know it’s approved if the Vatican quotes from it? Also isn’t that the lectionary version of the bible used in the former Anglican Personal Ordinariates?


I believe so. I think the main reason we don’t use the RSVCE during the Mass in most of the United States is because the Bishops own the copyright to the NAB. I remember Father Mitch Pacwa mentioning something about that I mean you can always email him and ask him


Profits from the sale of the NAB/RE are used to support the USCCB. Make certain that, when you visit the USCCB website, that you click on the second page of approved translations. Note that no approved version has ever lost that approval.

The lack of approval seems an awkward omission on the part of the USCCB.


I haven’t looked at this issue, much if at all, and if so, it was a long time ago.

But, wasn’t the 2nd edition specifically driven by pope Benedict XVI to take the word “Yaweh” out of the text and substitute “LORD” in deference to Jewish sensitivities over the use of the Tetragrammaton? That seems to me to imply some back-door approval, not to mention (but I will) that Ignatius Press has also published some of B16’s books?


The English language version of the Catholic Catechism quotes from the RSV and NSRV and from 2011 English translation of the Roman Missal, 3rd Edition. It does not quote from the Ignatius Bible (RSV-2CE).

The Ordinariates (of formerly Anglican and Episcopalian churches) established by Anglicanorum Coetibus do use missals (“Divine Worship: the Missal” and “Divine Worship - Occasional Services” ) that quote from the RSV-2CE but those books aren’t readily available and only a very few Catholics outside of the Ordinariates even know of their existence.


I wasn’t asking about Ignatius Bible (RSV-2CE) being approved for use in Mass (or any other liturgy) but being approved for private use and study by Catholics.

The USCCB currently approves these three complete Catholic Bibles (that were published after 1983) for private use and study by Catholics:

New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE)

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV-CE), Catholic Edition, National Council of Churches

Today’s English Version (TEV), Second Edition, American Bible Society

(The USCCB also approves other English translations of the Psalms, Proverbs and the New Testament, but the three Bibles I listed above (NABRE, NRSV-CE and TEV) are the only complete Bibles (published after 1983) that the USCCB has approved for private use and study by Catholics)

So I would like to know the reason(s) why the USCCB has not approved the RSV-2CE for private use and study by Catholics.


What second page? I only see one page for the approved translations which is the following:


Could you please provide a link to the second page that you cite?



The Catechism pre-dates the RSV-2CE

It is from the RSV.


The RSV-2CE was approved under the original Imprimatur (from 1960s’)

by the Secretariate for Doctrine and Pastorial Practices, *National Conference of Catholic Bishops *on Feb 29th 2000


2 thoughts:

  1. Also missing from the list is the NAB so maybe since they have the NRSV-CE listed, that covers the older RSV-CE editions?

  2. This list does not contain the Jerusalem or New Jerusalem Bibles which definitely should be there.


The list there includes only that which is after 1983


I believe the NAB was revised in 1986


and hence it is there: New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE)

But the orig. was in the 1970’s


Orig (NAB) was 1970, NT revised 1986, Psalms revised 1991 - still NAB

NABRE was released 2009 or 2010

What I am saying is since the new edition was released, that’s the one on the list even though the NAB is still approved im sure. Since they list the NRSV-CE I am thinking that would include the RSV-CE and RSV-2CE

Also NJB was 1985


The RSV-2CE *was approved *under the original Imprimatur (from 1960s’)

by the Secretariate for Doctrine and Pastorial Practices, *National Conference of Catholic Bishops *on Feb 29th 2000


And to add to this, the USCCB web page says this:

*In addition to the translations listed below, any translation of the Sacred Scriptures that has received proper ecclesiastical approval ‒ namely, by the Apostolic See or a local ordinary prior to 1983, or by the Apostolic See or an episcopal conference following 1983 ‒ may be used by the Catholic faithful for private prayer and study.

It is under this provision that the RSV-2CE retains its approval, that is, the Imprimatur of the 1966 RSV, because for the purposes of approval, the RSV-2CE is considered an “old” (pre-1983) translation.


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